Making McDonald’s a place for all

McDonald’s is especially known for its scrumptious burgers, fries, and other delectable food. But there’s one thing that the brand firmly believes in and is steadfast about, that is, McDonald’s is a place for all. Just like we celebrate various occasions and events with you, we also honor the different people who are a part of the McDonald’s family. So, on this International Day of Persons with Disabilities, let’s throw some light on some of the EatQual McDonald’s initiatives we’ve adopted to provide all customers with a satisfying meal time.

At McDonald’s, we deeply value all our customers and want each one of them to feel welcomed and have a great time. We recognize that something that may seem as simple as enjoying a burger at McDonald’s might not be the same for everyone. That’s why, with the EatQual packaging and EatQual 2.0 on the McDelivery® app, we aim to make it an equal experience for everybody.

An enjoyable burger experience for all

Enabling opportunities where specially-abled persons can explore their independence is a stepping stone towards creating a more inclusive environment. We believe the same principle extends to relishing your favorite burger. And everyone should have access to delicious and wholesome food. So, through thorough research and collaborations with experts from NGOs committed to enhancing the lives of the specially-abled, Westlife Development has designed an innovative burger packaging. It is crafted to help persons with upper-limb disabilities conveniently have their burger.

A feast for all eyes

Many times, people don’t realize that we actually eat with our eyes as well. It’s more so the case now than ever before with the popularity of ordering food online. The plating, the background, and the way all the ingredients complement each other, creating a mouth-watering aesthetic, have become vital in food selection. Naturally, colors play a very important role, and not everybody has the same experience. India has the largest color blind population, which includes almost 70 million people. Color blindness makes the inherent tones and hues of food appear to be decreased or devoid, thereby bringing down its appeal. With EatQual 2.0 on the McDelivery app, customers can pick one of three color enhancement categories. There’s ‘Green-Red’, ‘Red-Green’, and ‘Blue-Yellow’. Once opted for, a menu with colors modified for their vision is shown. In this way, our beloved McDonald’s customers are ensured a wholesome meal experience at every step of the way. Popular comedian, Kenny Sebastian is one of the many who are red-green color blind. If you’d like to hear what he has to say about this, follow the link here:

Sharing his joy, Kenny points out, “It is truly gratifying to partner with an iconic brand like McDonald’s on this initiative that makes its services more inclusive and accessible to color-blind people like me. I am sure the McDelivery® app experience will now become more enjoyable. I look forward to using the feature to view scrumptious food images on the app before making my pick.” At McDonald’s, we strive to break down barriers and build bridges of accessibility, equality, and inclusivity. With the EatQual McDonald’s program, we’re achieving this one initiative at a time. Join us in our endeavor and stop by a McDonald’s near you for a delicious meal. You can have your order delivered to you through the McDelivery® app or the McDelivery® website. For more updates or news on EatQual in McDonald’s, and offers, download the McDonald’s app.

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