There’s something spicy and unbelievably mouthwatering coming soon!

Do you remember when you were little and you really wanted to go to McDonald’s? You just had to get your next Happy Meal toy, but you were told to wait until the weekend. As difficult as it was, you would get through what would feel like an eternity and eventually get what you wanted so badly. Remember the excitement you felt at bedtime because you knew how awesome the next day would be? Now ignite that feeling once again, because what is coming soon is going to make your eyes wide with wonder and your mouth water with eagerness.

Imagine the whoosh of a warm blaze. It is something so strong, something so big, something so overpowering, something so amazing, that you can’t take your attention away from it. With the same energy, something incredibly enticing is going to emerge from the McDonald’s kitchen.

For the best spicy food, you know that McDonald’s is the answer. So hold on to that thought while you anticipate what’s next.

There is always that one item on the menu that is your absolute favorite, right? Well, news flash: there is a new entrant from McDonald’s in town who has the fire and desire to steal all hearts.

Red hot, zestful, flaming, and full of flavor! Wow, too much has already been said; let’s stop.

Well, just know that, like the rest of the menu, this too is going to be a super duper delicious item. There is absolutely no doubt there!

The idea of spicy food is so exciting, but the idea of a brand new, next-in-line to be the best spicy food is thrilling on a whole new level!

This secret item is keeping you on the edge of your seat, right?

Stay tuned for McDonald’s upcoming treat that is going to rouse your senses in a way that is nothing short of mind-blowing. Suspense is getting a little too much? The wait is only for a few more days, so until the big reveal, enjoy your favorite McDonald’s spicy food at a restaurant near you. You can also enjoy your spicy fried chicken or spicy burgers from the comfort of your home. Just order in from the McDelivery® app or the McDelivery® website. For deals, discounts, and offers on the best spicy food, download the McDonald’s app.

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