4 reasons why Burger lovers prefer McDonald’s

types of burger in mcdonald's

What’s better than a burger? It’s the McDonald’s burger.

At McDonald’s, our menu offers a range of appetizing food, giving you the right blend of exotic and local flavours. Be it looking for an easy snack or wanting to treat your inner foodie…all you need to do is head to your nearest McDonald’s, and Voila…your cravings will be put to rest!

Your love for our brand makes us your favourite destination for comfort food and, we leave no stone unturned in serving you nothing but the best. But, let’s get to the point.McDonald’s burgers are so delicious for a reason. And we want you to know that a lot goes into giving them their iconic taste and recreating the best food experience, every single day.

1) Responsibly sourcing high-quality ingredients
Every ingredient that goes into making your favourite McDonald’s burger is freshly and responsibly sourced. This has been possible due to our robust supply chain built from scratch in India, exclusively for McDonald’s. We use multi-temperature trucks for our supplies, which have separate compartments for every kind of food product, as per their ideal temperature. To source the freshest ingredients for our menu, we benchmark our processes & practices against international standards.

2) Whole wheat bun option for your favourite burger
The goodness of whole-wheat that is rich in fibre is here at McDonald’s. The whole-wheat buns make sure you feel satiated with every bite and ensures that you consume enough fibres for the day. Paired up with a dash of sesame seeds, the dense whole-wheat buns taste absolutely wholesome. So, now you have two variations of your favourite burgers. The whole-wheat buns are available at every South & West McDonald’s outlet.

3) Serving wholesome & nutritious food
At McDonald’s, we have consciously reduced the amount of sodium & oil in our sauces, and there are no food preservatives or artificial colours used in any of our patties. It is a step forward in giving our customers wholesome nutritious food.

4) Bringing exotic flavours together
Not an ordinary food experience, but we try to make certain your relish only heavenly goodness with our McDonald’s burgers. Have you ever wondered why the McDonald’s patty tastes so good and juicy? This is because we at McDonald’s use the finest food ingredients and cook the patties to perfection. Our patties have a crispy-yet-soft texture that hits the taste buds at the right spot.

With over 25 years of serving tasty goodness, McDonald’s is committed to create & recreate a divine range of burgers & meals and serving food that is safe, healthy & tasty.

So, stop drooling and start ordering!

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