Things You Must Know About McCafé

They know burgers. Their fries are too good. In fact, it was never an overstatement to say they make the best fries in the world. And you must try those whole-wheat wraps as well. But what does McDonald’s know about coffee? Is coffee their thing at all?

Sounds familiar? Many people have this notion that McDonald’s is all about burgers and fries (and some great sides of course). While we take great pride in making the best burgers for you, we would also like to tell you that we make world class handcrafted coffee. Here are some facts that you may like to know about McCafé, our brand extension that offers more than a dozen variety of great, handcrafted coffee.

The beans are a class apart

This one is pretty basic. Everyone knows that for good coffee, good beans are a must. McCafé sources only the best quality, 100% Arabica beans. These beans are expertly roasted to give your coffee a rich, bold flavor.

We keep it real

Rumour has it that many coffee chains use powdered milk to add that creamy texture to their coffee. At McCafé however, we use only real milk. No questionable additives that come with powdered milk. Just simple, great tasting coffee.

As fresh as this moment

McCafe Fresh
All espresso based drinks at McCafé are made to order. They are not the instant, powdered for months, ready-made packet coffee variety. The coffee at McCafé is brewed, extracted, frothed on the spot to give you the best handcrafted coffee drinking experience. Don’t take our word for it. Place an order at McCafé today and see it for yourself.

McCafé has trained baristas

Our baristas are trained to know their job well. They are trained to perform each and every step of coffee making process with utmost technique and finesse. From knowing the exact brewing time, to tamping nicely to adding just the right amount of milk and showing off that cool latte art, the skill set our baristas have is quite extensive.

It’s spic and span out here

And if you have any doubts about the hygiene standards at McCafé, we advise you to pay a visit at your nearest outlet and do a recce yourself. You will find our equipment being wiped after every pour, and our slabs being mopped every hour. Also, baristas are not supposed to enter McCafé without wearing a cap.

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