What Makes Handcrafted Coffee So Special

When it comes to McCafé coffee, our baristas’ handcrafted coffee goes through a process that involves many steps, like adjusting proportions, brewing just for the right duration, understanding the texture of the foam, creating beautiful latte art and a lot more. But what does handcrafted coffee mean to you, dear patrons? Here are a few things to start with.

Handcrafted coffee is rich in taste

Handcrafted Coffee at McDonald's
What goes into McCafé coffee is 100% Arabica beans. This means you can be assured of the quality of the main ingredients in your cup of joe: Coffee beans. These 100% Arabica beans are carefully roasted to prepare a sweet, fragrant espresso with a rich crema (creamy layer on the top). It is this high quality espresso that is responsible for the rich, perfect taste of our McCafé coffee.

Handcrafted coffee is smooth

Handcrafted coffee at McDonald's
True coffee lovers always vouch for the smooth flavor of coffee. At McCafé, our baristas take extra care during extraction (the process of dissolving coffee flavors into water). It’s very important to get this step right so that the McDonald’s coffee is not too strong and definitely not weak. Try any espresso-based drink at McCafé today to experience the perfect, smooth taste of coffee.

Handcrafted coffee is aromatic

Best Coffee at McDonald's
The freshly ground Arabica beans take most of the credit for the happy aroma of a perfectly brewed coffee. You don’t really have to be a coffee snob to feel a stark difference in the aroma and taste of packed, already ground coffee vs just ground, fresh out of the mixer coffee. The difference is for everyone to whiff.

McDonald’s coffee, which is synonymous to handcrafted coffee is an art that defines good coffee. And McCafé is all about good coffee. For everything else, there is everything else.

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