McCafé: For That Perfect, Handcrafted Coffee

Coffee, a drink that wakes you up, a taste that makes you happy, and a smell that distinguishes between night and day. Coffee is more than just a beverage for millennials. It is a lifestyle. For them it’s not just about coffee, it’s about good coffee. Which is why true coffee lovers like to have their coffee only at places they trust, places where baristas know exactly what the customer is looking for. Perfect cappuccino? sure! Simple espresso with no frills? you got it!

At McCafé, we offer handcrafted; read good, no wait, read great tasting coffee. So what makes handcrafted coffee so great? Let us elaborate on this word, “handcrafted”. Well, firstly, at McCafé, we use a special blend of 100% Arabica beans which give our coffee a sweet taste which is further enhanced by the use of fresh milk. Most of the time, you won’t feel the need to add sugar to our coffee.

Secondly, these beans are freshly ground for every espresso shot. Freshly ground coffee results in a richer brew. How? Well, amongst other things, freshly ground beans mean the coffee oils, which are responsible for the flavour of the coffee, are intact before brewing. Also, pre-ground coffee, because of its contact with air, loses its aroma after a while. That doesn’t sound great, does it? Besides using the right beans and grinding them on the spot,  there is of course, the signature McCafé latte art.

And if you need any further reason to try handcrafted coffee at McCafé, we have a really good one. You can have a Cappuccino for 99 INR for the next 99 days. How does that sound? Try handcrafted coffee at McCafé at your nearest McDonald’s outlet. Because for everything else, there is everything else. For great tasting coffee, there is McCafé at McDonald’s.

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