Going Light At McDonald’s

McDonald's India

Low-fat mayonnaise and focaccia or masala buns instead of the regular white bread – these are just some of the changes that McDonald’s is making for today’s young customers who like to count their calories. Check out what else is new at McDonald’s India that is making for a lighter meal:

  • Sodium content in fries is down by 20 percent and by 10 percent in its nuggets and buns. This initiative was part of a global push to reduce sodium levels in McDonald’s food.
  • The oil content in the sauces has come down by 25 percent from 67 percent. This brings down the calories by upto 40 percent in the sauces.
  • Options like the Veg Maharaja Mac has been introduced in McDonald’s food menu keeping in mind the vegetarian customers and those who look for vegetarian substitutes at times.

These changes have been made gradually over a few months and were subtle enough to keep the taste consistent.

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