A Treat For Summers – Coffee, Ice Cream And Chocolate In McCafe Coffee Float

In India, the summer is so hot that even the camels take off to cooler climates! Seriously, the summer is severely sweltering and while Sugarcane juice, or a Mango milk Shake or even a banta soda does the trick for some time, sooner or later you want to go inside to an air conditioned zone, put your feet up while guzzling some chilled coffee, ice cream and chocolate. Even better would be if you could have all three together. Yummy!

McCafe Coffee Float

That is what happens at McCafé where the cool environs make the heat vanish for a while. They have a McCafé Coffee Float which is a mix of all the good beverage qualities one needs in the summer – sweet, creamy and strong. The McCafé Coffee Float is made from the smooth Premium Roast Coffee brewed from 100% Arabica Beans. The chill element comes from the ice cubes and the portion of soft-serve vanilla sundae. Then the entire cool concoction is drizzled with delicious chocolate syrup. This is a treat which has two opposing effects on you – cooling you down and perking to go after any new challenge.

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