Coffee’s Little Secret


It’s summer, that time of the year when we all, as a collective body of caffeine addicts, switch from hot cups to the refreshing crispness of coffee on ice. But this trend is not restricted to any season. Cold coffee is generally looked upon more favorably than hot coffee.

Cold coffee has a  soothing quality about it which makes it so popular. It is easy to guzzle down, sweet, savoury. For coffee geeks and baristas, cold-brew is primarily fascinating because of the nuances in flavour it can highlight. It is also less acidic than its counterpart.

Coffee, like wine-making, involves a great deal of craftsmanship at each stage of production. The farmers must do a good job of planting and harvesting to grow beautiful, flavourful and unique beans. You also need a roaster who knows how to expertly roast the beans in order to draw out the flavors just right.

Cold coffee is remarkably simple and easy to make at home as well. Basically, you prepare brewed coffee as you normally would; only you use half hot water and you add half ice in the bottom of the vessel. The hot, fresh coffee drips directly onto ice so that it’s cool and ready to drink right away.

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