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Men, Women And Their Coffee Habits

man woman coffeee habits
You’re in a McCafe, waiting in line behind a couple, and it’s their turn next. The guy decides to go for a fresh brewed black coffee, but the girl is seemingly confused, with so many options to choose from. She asks her partner to help her decide. He smiles at her and asks her to go for her all-time favorite Mocha. Now you begin thinking to yourself, why didn’t the guy offer the girl to have the same coffee as him?

The answer is as simple as it can get! Men and women have different preferences when it comes to coffee. Remember how before it used to be coffee or tea, and now it’s which coffee to drink. A study commissioned by S&D Coffee & Tea, Inc. shows Millennials (aged 18 to 34) are drinking more coffee than the people of their parent’s and grandparent’s generations. Interestingly, men are drinking more coffee than women because they get a better mental boost with caffeine in their system. But hold on, another study done by psychologists at Bristol University found that coffee works better for women in stressful situations, whereas it makes men less confident and they take longer to finish a task having downed several cups of coffee.

But you’re still wondering if it’s only caffeine, why do women prefer variety of coffees over straight-black? That is because females are more responsive to the stimulatory effects of variety than males, as indicated in a study on Gender Differences in Eating Behavior and Body Weight Regulation. In passing, you happen to look over at where the couple is sitting, the girl is sipping her Mocha coffee, and the guy is patiently waiting for her to finish. Immediately some insights from one of your Social Science classes pop up in your head that even food habits are masculine and feminine. Women take smaller bites and eat and drink slowly in comparison to men.

You begin to think how rich with information little habits can be, and before you realize it’s time for a re-fill. Satisfied, you walk to the counter, in knowledge McCafé’s serve your favorite coffee all day long.

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