On the weather report: Cozy hangs and McCafé® beverage galore!

Oh, sweet monsoon!

Rains! Refreshment! Respite! Reunions! It’s not a secret that many of us in the Indian subcontinent adore this weather 🌧️ Plus, the arrival of the monsoon season ensures there is ONE thing at the top of our agendas. Coffee dates, mate!

Rainy days ushering in our ‘cozy café era’

We take great pride in our McCafé® outlets across the W&S, and this is because of your love and appreciation for –

Great coffee at economical prices!

The taste of a great coffee most certainly comes from its beans and brewing techniques. Our 100% Arabica coffee beans come from Chikmagalur in Karnataka, and are Rainforest Alliance Certified. Choosing to drink our coffee helps support sustainable coffee and cocoa farming practices that foster better worker training, safer working conditions, and lower deforestation. High-five!

The McDonald’s McCafé® menu!

Where there’s coffee in full flow, there has to be range. Our McDonald’s McCafé® menu is well-stocked, from the favored Americano and Cappuccino (our customers call ours the BEST Cappuccino coffee!), to our Espresso, Flat White, Hot Chocolate, Latte, and Mocha.

P.S. Our coffees are fabulously priced too.

Our cafés – favored for their ambience, space, vibe, and warmth!

At our cafés, the motto is simple – whether your meetings in our quarters are for business or pleasure, you must feel comfortable, knowing you’re in great hands. The vibes at McCafé® are always on point! Doubly so, when rainy days are more! Plus, it’s great fun to watch our skilled baristas at our coffee stations – so soothing 😍

Our convenient locations!

There is a saying at McDonald’s, ‘Wherever there is a coffee craving, not too far is a McCafé® calling!’ 🥰 So, come by, take a seat, enjoy the rains, and your preferred robust hot beverage! The service is quick, and our servers are delightful!

What’s your favorite ‘rainy day’ company?

Whether it’s a gripping book, meeting with friends, a date with your beau, or some time to spend, come enjoy the cool weather and rainy pitter-patter at your nearest McCafé®!

You know we are skilled at making those sips, special…

For those of you with a preference for cold-er coffee drinks, we encourage you to try our Lotus Biscoff® Frappé, Chocolate Frappé, Mocha Frappé, and Iced Americano. All, yummy, and smooOooOooth!

Coffee to go, or coffee, indoors: The choice is yours!

Our McDonald’s App will help you, in-store, with offers – including grabbing the best Cappuccino coffee at a ‘Cappuccino McDonald’s price’ that’s right! You can order beverage home through the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App. If you’re on-the-go and wanna grab a coffee through our Take Away stations or Drive Thru counters, our McDelivery® On the Go feature can sort you out! Simple, right? *Hums Sabrina Carpenter’s Espresso in the background* 🎶

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