Now loading at a McDonald’s near you . . . Mango Madness!

We can’t keep a secret… The Minions are outta the bag! 

With Illumination’s Despicable Me 4 movie releasing worldwide on July 4, we’ve gathered the Minions and the all-new yellow desserts to go with the theme! 

If you, like us, are eagerly awaiting the latest Despicable Me movie, then, friends, you’re in the right place! We’re ready to unleash the … Mango MadnessSssSss! 🥭

Ta-da! McDonald’s newly made-over mango-dip-flavored desserts, in collaboration with Illumination’s Despicable Me 4 are:

🧡 Mango McSwirls® – Yes, you heard it right! Your favourite McSwirl now has a Mango Twist 

🧡 Mango Sundae

🧡 Mango McFlurry™ with Lotus Biscoff®

🧡 Mango McFlurry™ with OREO® – Even the McFlurry Oreo donned the Mango hat!

Sigh 😍 All that mango yumminess in Minion-themed packaging! SO Instagrammable! 

Hold up… There’s more but you’ve got to stay tuned to that. Keep guessing until you get your hands on your favorite McDonald’s Happy Meal®. Each Happy Meal® comes with a main, sweet corn, and a fruit beverage, and the *surprise*!

From the mains, kids can choose between: a McAloo Tikki® Burger, Egg Burger, McVeggie® Burger, McChicken® Burger, and Chicken McNuggets® (4 pcs). Groovy! Oops, Gru-vy! 🤗

Launching June 21 across our W&S stores, we can’t wait for you to partake in McDonald’s Mango Madness!

Hurry while you can, because these new desserts at McDonald’s are available for a limited time only – whether you choose to dine in, order online, use McDelivery® On the Go, our Take Away station for take-out, or wanna Drive Thru!

Extend that feeling of summer, sample some Mango Madness!

Our Mango McSwirls®, Mango Sundae, Mango McFlurry™ with Lotus Biscoff® and Mango McFlurry™ with OREO® are available across McDonald’s outlets in West and South India. We love seeing you in-store, and offering you great discounts – so make sure to have the McDonald’s App on hand! If you fancy enjoying your order at home, use the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App!

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