Keeping it cool with McDonald’s X Sprite®

When the weather is perfect, you make the most of it, you tweak your schedule, meet your friends, add more fun to your routine, a little twist here and there, and seeing as the time was right, so did we – with some flair! 🍏🍋🍓🥤

As part of our beverage innovation, we partnered with Sprite® India to bring you TWO new refreshing beverages in colors so vibrant and flavors so fresh 💚 💛 💗

INTRODUCING the yummy Green Apple Lemon Fizz and pleasing-on-the-palate Strawberry Fizz, for Limited Time Only!!!

Green Apple Lemon Fizz

Green Apple Lemon Fizz balances the bold, refreshing flavors of green apple and lemon with the sparkling, effervescent Sprite® to pep you right up!

Order it: When you need an energy boost, are street-shopping with friends, during your office lunch break.

Strawberry Fizz

Now, if you are looking for something refreshing with a hint of strawberry flavors, Strawberry Fizz will be a treat! This beverage’s enticing strawberry flavor fuses with the ever refreshing Sprite® to bring you a taste that’s memorable and so right!

Order it: When you’re chilling with your pals or Netflix, craving something soothing and vibrant, meeting a new date!

It’s 🆕, Instagram-worthy, refreshing, and has the Same Fizz in a New Twist!

Hand-made by our crew members, our Green Apple Lemon Fizz and Strawberry Fizz are delicious in their own right and will elevate your ‘flavor sensation’! Available at all our W&S outlets for a limited time, starting now, you can order them in-store with our McDonald’s App or have them delivered home through the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App.

So… Pick a favorite time 🕓, ring up a good friend ☎️, tell them your plans 📋, and make it a date 🗓️ – with McDonald’s two new best beverages, of course, to celebrate! These refreshing beverages are ones you don’t want to miss, so take advantage and sip, sip, sip!

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