Green, today – greener, tomorrow! It’s World Environment Day

June 5 AKA World Environment Day reminds us to stay engaged in our efforts to protect Earth, through eco-friendly initiatives and our operations. A more sustainable world needs our efforts – today! 🌱

Honorable mentions, regarding #WestlifeGoesGreeninitiatives we’ve been successful at:

1,09,000* kg of plastic recycled in FY2023

✓ Our customer-facing packaging is made of biodegradable corn starch and FSC®-certified paper. We replaced single-use plastic with wood, PLA (fermented plant starch), and paper alternatives.

✓ We use EZ delivery reusable bottles to deliver cold beverages.

✓ The coffee beans we use are Rainforest Alliance Certified, thereby supporting sustainable coffee and cocoa farming practices.

RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) Mass Balance certified palm oil is sourced for our operations.

✓ We’ve explored futuristic agricultural technologies like hydroponics, wherein plants are grown using a water-based nutrient solution to moderate finite land use. Crop rotation is promoted for soil freshness.

✓ We’ve pioneered the use of converted bio-diesel in our transportation. Pooled used oil from restaurant locations is converted into bio-diesel for use in our trucks!

1,05,00,000* units of electricity saved in FY2023

✓ We have running Energy Management Systems in our restaurants.

✓ Temperature cloud controllers that help create the desired control temperature while maintaining air-conditioning, using auto on/off functions. Similar auto on/off controllers power high energy-consuming kitchen equipment in our restaurants.

✓ Evaporative air-cooling kitchen systems and economizers help us ventilate fresh, filtered, clean, and cooled air into our spaces.

✓ Solar roof top panels are installed in some McDonald’s restaurants.

✓ Motion sensors control lighting consumption wastage in our stores’ back areas.

Reduced carbon footprint.

✓ We follow the best international practices for biosecurity.

2,13,00,000* liters of water saved in FY2023

✓ Installing waterless urinals + low-flow aerator sprays in our restaurants helped reduce our water consumption.

✓ Reverse osmosis (RO) reject water is repurposed for use in our restaurants’ rest-rooms.

✓ We use a high-recovery Reverse osmosis (RO) water purification system.

✓ The farmers we work with are encouraged to implement drip irrigation to help plant productivity.

Replace, Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Sustainability, led by environment-friendly initiatives, must encourage us all to consider our impact on the planet! Say, the next time you order from us through the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App, you can choose the option to not send cutlery. 🍴 If you’re visiting our stores with the McDonald’s App on hand, choose an e-bill instead of a physical copy. No Go Green initiative is too little! 💚

*Source – Westlife Foodworld Annual Report FY2023

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