At McDonald’s India, Food Safety is ALWAYS the way!

June 7 is World Food Safety Day, serving as a reminder that safety food standards must be the norm when it comes to the communities, ingredients and resources we work with, and processes we follow.

If you’re curious about how the food safety and management system at our quarters looks like, we’ll fill you in!

Come into our kitchen!

Our workforce is equipped with gloves and caps in-store, including antimicrobial hand wash. Safety food standards include a hand-wash session followed hourly, by employees.

Ingredients, suppliers, and food preparation

We have separate storage sections, including different kitchen stations, for veg and non-veg food – extending to our storage of food items in our freezers. Our chiller keeps your fave Soft Serve safe too!

A Daily Product Safety Checklist is used to cross-check safety and freshness thrice every day. Quality checks include maintaining the temperature of kitchen equipment.

Take our fries that follow a special memo: The core and crust, first separated from the potatoes; cooked until golden-brown with a flavor like the Milly potato; and finally, evenly salted. Our food safety and management system includes preparation processes that are followed through and through!

Color coding and identification

Different towels for different purposes are used, like a single towel for each round of preparations. Towels are color-coded Red for Non-Veg 🔴, Green for Veg 🟢, and Blue for Cleaning Non-Food surface areas 🔵.

You can request our restaurant managers for a tour of the kitchens at the store you’re visiting, anytime!

Nutritional values, and indulgence that’s real good!

Our desi favorite McAloo Tikki Burger® is fabulous because it’s well-balanced! The proteins, carbohydrates and fats in this burger match the proportions recommended by the National Institute of Nutrition in Hyderabad. Real Food, Real Good!

Our fries are fried in 100% Vegetable Oil. The Soft Serve is made of real milk. Our wraps are made of whole wheat, and under our Real Food real Good initiative, select items have NO Artificial Colors, NO Artificial Flavors, NO Artificial Preservatives, and NO Added MSG in our chicken offering.

Additionally, Allergen and Nutritional Information on all menu items is available.

World Food Safety Day 2024, and the road ahead!

As we consistently ensure our food preparation and processes remain safe, we take our role seriously regarding a shared responsibility with the communities and suppliers we work with. That’s a promise! Whether you’re dining in-store, using the McDonald’s App, or ordering in via the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App, our safety food standards remain unchanged. You can count on your food prepared fresh – high-quality, and deliciously memorable!

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