WizKids Carnival x McDonald’s India: A Summer to Remember!

With schools closing for summer break, we knew fun at McDonald’s was on the menu! And this also meant a great opportunity for bonding time. After all what’s better than quality time spent together, doing the things that make one happy, right?

We made the most of it at our recently held wholesome summer camp at select W&S McDonald’s outlets in Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune in collaboration with WizKids Carnival.   Artistic interpretation led the way, with our young friends being encouraged to express a McDonald’s-based theme through drawing, painting, story-writing, and storytelling activities. These activities piqued the interests of the adults present too! That’s us, bringing the kid out in everyone, and not to forget the i’m lovin’ it moments for everyone!

Painting Maestro tasked children between 3-8 yearswith Coloring Ronald McDonald OR a Burger and the McDonald’s logo on pre-printed sheets.

Color Wizards tasked kids in the 6-15 years age group with creating artworks based on their version of a McDonald’s pop-up restaurant OR their Dream Happy Meal® box. Young minds were at play! 😍

Tell ur Tale, a story-writing and narration activity, saw the older kids put their thinking caps on, choosing between themes of A child setting out to use the power of their local McDonald’s to solve hunger issues in their respective town for a day AND McWish: A young child discovers a magical McDonald’s where every item on the menu grants a wish and how the child uses each wish. Very cool, huh?

When the days get warm, the kids get creative!

Conducted in 3-hour slots, morning and afternoon, our summer engagement activity started with taking the kids on a tour of our kitchens, stations, and stock rooms. The kids were fascinated, especially by our freezers! When we spoke to the parents, many appreciated that the WizKids Carnival initiative was an excellent way to get the kids away from their computers and smartphones for a bit, engage with others, and get to know more about their fave McDonald’s store! Knowing that we have separate storage sections for veg and non-veg food was pleasantly received by some parents too!

Following the tour were our respective activities including snack time with Fries + a Mixed Fruit beverage. Kids that made their submissions were treated to a Soft Serve ice cream! + Musical Chairs was played with the cheery kids before sending them off.

From start to finish, WizKids Carnival helped us make this ‘summer adventure’ one for the photo-albums! They did this through their provision of art supplies and WizKids Carnival certificates too!

Kids love McDonald’s and we love them back!

As McDonald’s India, it’s our pleasure and honor that kids regard McDonald’s as their best friend. Even parents and kids alike feel comforted, happy, and safe in our company! Apart from being an initiative for kids to engage and learn, the WizKids Carnival was a family bonding activity too!

Close to 4000 kids (offline and online) participated in this year’s WizKids Carnival, we hope to see you for the next one! Follow our socials to stay in the loop.

See you at the next one!

Now if you’re visiting us in-store, check the McDonald’s App for offers on your fave burgers, shakes, Happy Meal® lunches, and sides. If you’re ordering in, the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App will help! ✨🍔🍟😊🥤🍦✨

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