📣 The IPL Final is coming UPPPPP! 🏏

We’re biting our nails, we’re upping the ante, we’re freaking out!!!!! All in good spirit, of course, coz, the IPL Final is coming up!🏏

So, we make our plans. Ring up the good ol’ gang! We’re doing an IPL-level hang!


McDonald’s latest wraps are our match-time faves! We’ve got two to suit you. Our 🌽🌯Mexican Veggie Wrap🌯🧀 is prepared with a corn and cheese patty, dressed with onions and lettuce; and our 🍗🌯Mexican Chicken Wrap🌯🍗 is our classic chicken patty in a new avatar, also with onions and lettuce, making every bite a delicious one! You’re right, a Mexican Chicken Wrap and Mexican Veggie Wrap will go best with some Piri Piri Mix and Salsa Cheese Fries, so gotta order lotsa portions!

But, waiiiiit! Apart from McDonald’s Chicken Wrap, there’s more!

Enter: Our Match Time Sharing Combos – Gujarat’s Fave, Hyderabad’s Fave, Mumbai’s Fave and so on…

Not forgetting drool-worthy Match Day meals:

Chicken McNuggets® (6 pcs) + 1 McChicken® Burger + 1 Coke® at ₹327

1 McSpicy™ Paneer Burger + 2 Fries (M) + 1 McAloo Tikki Burger® + 1 Veg Pizza McPuff® at ₹388

2 McAloo Tikki Burger® + 2 Fries (L) at ₹328

2 Chicken Maharaja Mac® Burger + 2 Coke® + 1 Fries (L) + 1 OREO® McFlurry™ at ₹610

2 McVeggie® Burger + 2 Fries (M) + 1 Veg Pizza McPuff® at ₹389

How’s that? Ooops, we mean HowzZzZzat!!!!!😉


Whether your party is ‘one and all’ or cozy-small, or big and loud, you wanna stay prepared as you #McDonaldsThisMatch at the exciting stage of IPL and with the Grand Finale on May 26th, 2024. We recommend you plan your order or delegate amongst your pals to get the orders rolling and food in place! McDonald’s India’s McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App are on the job to make sure you hit the best deals (all sixes, ok?!) You want a special McDonald’s Chicken Wrap price? We got you!



Now… The time has come. Gather your pals, let’s take a moment to make a wish in short silence – now, *cheers* your troops and let’s bring out the whoops for the big FINAL! 🥳🥳

It’s #McDonaldsThisMatch or never!

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