Mum’s the word! Happy Mother’s Day


Our first friend (she’s a cool mom, not a regular mom!), our first teacher, our first confidante and medical aide, our first birthday party planner and so much more!

To be loved by a mother is indescribable, will emoji do?! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 Our appreciation for our moms knows no bounds whether it is one day, moment, week, or year – we celebrate Mommy as often as we can! This May 12, we raise our fries to moms, all over, and to the various maternal guides in our lives that have helped raise and support us through their food (!!!), stories (the best!!!!), teachings (thank you!!!!!),and sheer spirit. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Mum is the real MVP in any room, bar none!

The last time we checked, ‘Quality time with Mum’ was on the cards for everyone, this weekend! Speaking of, we’d love to help you honor her when you bring her over for a meal! Use the McDonald’s App at any of our W&S stores to look for our offers, McDonald’s Mother’s Day Deals and then some! If you’re spending the day at casa with board games, dancing, gossip, your siblings, and lots of feel-good Mom-centric movies, we’ll be at your service – making everyone + your Mom feel even better! The McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App can help you order an exciting, flavorful meal spread: the Chicken Maharaja Mac®, Veg Maharaja Mac®, McSpicy™ Premium Chicken Burger, Salsa Cheesy Fries, classic crispy fries, some McFlurry™ treats, and perhaps some deliciously brewed McCafé® coffee too! Our Apps will help you strike good deals including availing of coupons for Mother’s Day, and offers on the McDonald’s Mother’s Day Specials. Mum will be happy and proud!

Ooh, yes, while you treat your Mum and you (wink, wink) to her fave McDonald’s, remember you are indulging in Real Food that’s Real Good with NO artificial colors, NO artificial preservatives, NO artificial flavors with NO added MSG. We have a feeling she’ll be pleasantly surprised and thrilled! We work hard to win her over. Mom’s standards = 💯💯💯💯💯.Have a happy holiday, dear friends! And Mothers! 🌷

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