It’s that Happy Meal® kinda feel!

Schools are closed for the summer, and cool activities are in full-swing. Pun intended! Whoops, fun intended 😊

Kids have a lot of time in hand and so many activities to participate in! Whether it be brushing up on activities, hobbies and sports, or taking it to the next level with coaching classes and tuition.

To keep their energy levels in check, it’s important for the kids to take well-timed breaks. That too the wholesome and indulgent ones! Enter: the McDonald’s Happy Meal®, treating your kid to a main (of their choosing – McVeggie®, McChicken®, Chicken McNuggets®, McAloo Tikki®) along with a portion of sweet corn and a fruit beverage, and an activity-based collectible or toy. Yay!

When the kids are happy – Happy Meal®ing, and they know it, they clap their hands! And their delight is ours too.

Kids, big or small, love our Happy Meal® menu because it considers them – what they like, while still being super wholesome! The McDonald’s Happy Meal® is more than a lunch, it celebrates the joy in the little things – the food, and an interesting yet insightful book contained within too.

A McDonald’s Happy Meal® is a mood-lifter, most assuredly, and a friend on your travels! Our Drive Thru counters are conveniently located across prominent spots for this reason, and are a life-saver when you’re out, about, hungry, and traveling with little kids!

There’s so much cool stuff!  

Not only are the holidays great for visiting McDonald’s during the week, but whenever you want, it’s a good time to catch up with your kid. You can also turn the visit into an activity by opting for the McDonald’s Kitchen Tour and give them and yourself a peek into what goes on in the McDonald’s kitchen. It’s a fun-filled yet informative activity, that’s great for budding chefs in the house and McDonald’s fans! After having supplied them with a yummy McDonald’s Happy Meal®, of course! It’s a win-win.

If you’re indulging in the pleasure of eating a McDonald’s Happy Meal® in-store, check the McDonald’s App for offers on your fave Happy Meal® lunches, burgers, shakes, and sides. If the kids are having a grand time indoors, no need to spoil their fun – order in through the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App! Get your order at a special Happy Meal® price! With a McDonald’s Happy Meal® available at any time of day, go get that Yay!

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