Celebrating National Technology Day: Unveiling the Innovation Behind McDonald’s Experience of the Future Restaurants

May 11 is National Technology Day, hooray! 🙏🏽

That we’ve been able to elevate the McDonald’s customer experience via savvy technological additions and upgrades to our stores, online and offline, is something we are proud of! Our customers’ convenience = ✨HIGH PRIORITY✨

That’s why we call our stores – Experience of the Future (EOTF).

We thank our market research and execution teams – their ideas and innovations match our vision, in turn making the ordering process for our customers easy-peasy!

All the cool things we’ve implemented in our EOTF stores, thanks to ✨technology✨ –

Self-ordering kiosk

You may have noticed or operated our interactive ATM-like McDonald’s self-service kiosks at the W&S outlets. If you haven’t used them yet, you’re in for a treat!

You can browse our menu on a huge screen – it’s like the McDelivery® App on your smartphone, only bigger! Pay seamlessly through the Kiosk via card / UPI and your order is placed. You can even scan the deals from the McDonald’s App and grab your dream meals. You just have to relax as the food will come to your table quickly – so savvy, hassle-free!

McDelivery® On the Go

So, you know when you’re driving back home, or heading out of town, and longing for a bite on-route and there seems to be nothing in sight for miles? McDelivery® On the Go to the rescue!

With the McDelivery® App on your device, select the On the Go option. On the Go allows you to find the nearest McDonald’s on your route, place an order, drive to the chosen location, and collect your meal from the McDonald’s Take Away station.

In addition to this feature on the McDelivery® App, you can also choose Take Away similarly. Just drive through at McDonald’s! McDonald’s Drive Thru counters are conveniently located near highways and important stops alongside busy routes. They are easy to spot, and find online.

EatQual™ Color-Blind-Friendly feature

Across our delivery apps, we have a Color-Blind-Friendly icon. This is an EatQual™ initiative, through which customers can choose ‘Green-Red’, ‘Red-Green’, or ‘Blue-Yellow’ to view the McDonald’s menu and website in colors appropriate for them! 👁️‍🗨️

McDonald’s, at your convenience

From delivering to your exact location to ordering in to collecting pick-up from a chosen outlet, we ensure ordering in is smooth for you! We’ve come a long way, we’re glad you’re with us on the ride. 😊

Remember to use the McDonald’s App when you drive through at McDonald’s. McDonald’s Take Away is a great option for when you want to hit pause on your journey! We’re available when you need agoOod burger, our classic crispy fries, a McCafé® coffee and even a Chocolate Shake! Yessirree!

Take out or take away, McDonald’s Drive Thru station will save the day! If you’re stopping by, park your vehicle and grab a seat at the Dine-In section after pre-ordering on the App. That’s a win-win on your din-din! 🍽️

For days when you want to sit back and relax, use McDelivery® website or McDelivery® App.

McDonald’s cheers all the way, for National Technology Day!

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