World Water Day: Sustainability is our priority and our responsibility

Water for Peace’ is the core theme for World Water Day 2024, celebrated on March 22 to raise awareness and inspire action to tackle the water and sanitation crisis in our world. 💧

Water is our most precious resource on Planet Earth, and we at McDonald’s India take that seriously. Saving water involves learning to conserve, recycle and share it. Water conservation initiatives are necessary because clean water and access to it sustains communities, and helps bridge people too.

Amongst McDonald’s India’s sustainable initiatives, we have, in the past year, succeeded in:
• Installing waterless urinals and low-flow aerators in our restaurants
Low-flow aerator spray faucets help us reduce 50-80% of our water consumption.

• Re-purposing RO reject water
Water is used in our restaurant operations, from cooking to dishwashing to cleaning. Our RO reject water is repurposed and used in our restaurants’ rest-rooms.

• Installing a high-water recovery reverse osmosis system
Reverse osmosis (RO) water purification uses a semi-permeable membrane to separate water molecules from other substances. Using a high-recovery RO system helps us save more water whilst not comprising on the water purification process.

These measures, combined, have helped us save 2,13,00,000 litres of water.

To reach an operation model that is sustainable on all fronts, joining hands is key. Solutions make a difference when we approach them with a shared vision. Our water conservation initiatives include the participation of the farmers and farmlands we work with, too – we encourage them to use drip irrigation which aids additionally in plant productivity, thanks to the optimal-range moisture levels.
Amongst other sustainable initiatives, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint, enhanced operational and cost efficiencies. Our advanced energy management system innovatively converts used cooking oils into biodiesel. We’ve also eradicated the use of single-use plastics in customer interactions.

Water is a sacred gift

As we continue measures at McDonald’s India to Replace, Recycle, Reuse, Reduce – we realize our commitment to the planet remains essential. This World Water Day, we too encourage you to think about ways to keep our planet a home for generations to come. It is our responsibility, and hope for the future.

**Source – Westlife Foodworld Annual Report FY 2022-23

McDonald’s on the go!

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