Look who’s in the McDonald’s kitchen figuring out the Real Cheese Deal!

How often does one get a chance to experience the makings of one’s favorite McDonald’s burger or McDonald’s Fries? Not every day, right? How often does one get to make a McDonald’s burger with McDonald’s Corporate Chef Swarup Solgaokar himself? Not every day, for sure! And how often does one get to see Master Chef India contestant, TEDx Speaker, and entrepreneur turned YouTuber, Urmila Asher, popularly known for her YouTube channel, Gujju Ben Na Nasta, and fondly known to all as Baa, taking a McDonald’s kitchen tour with Chef Swarup, understanding what real cheese is all about, co-cooking real cheese-based recipes like the McDonald’s Cheese Fries, Corn and Cheese Veg Burger and one from the jain food menu, McCheese Burger® Veg and devouring it? That’s once in a blue moon, correct?

It’s that time!

While you often get to meet our friendly and helpful staff and relish your McDonald’s faves at your much-loved McDonald’s outlet, we’d like you to take a peek at what goes on inside the McDonald’s kitchen and uncover what makes the mouthwatering cheese menu at McDonald’s an absolute joy!

Yes, beginning with the hygiene standards that are met, the separate areas, equipment and staff maintained in our kitchens for veg and non-veg cooking, quality standards followed for frozen and fresh ingredients, 100% vegetable oil, 100% real cheese patty that comes from globally approved suppliers, 100% real cheese approved by relevant regulatory authorities, each of which add up to the yummy McDonald’s meal experiences. Be it the veg burger menu or the non-veg burger menu, there’s yumminess assured with quality, always in store!  

Take a look at how Baa visits her favorite McDonald’s to enjoy the much-talked-about cheese items. And that’s not it, from hearing about the ingredients and processes to co-creating the McCheese Burger® Veg without onion and garlic to the Corn and Cheese Veg Burger from the veg burger menu and the McDonald’s Cheese Fries, to relishing it all with Chef Swarup and ending the meal on a sweet note with the McDonald’s Blueberry Cheesecake. It’s only smiles and a word of assurance – expect only real cheese at McDonald’s!  

‘Nuff of the oh-so-yummy real cheese conversations is what you’re feeling? We get it! Head straight to the McDelivery® website or McDelivery® App and order in the McCheese Burger® Veg, Corn and Cheese Burger, or any other from the veg burger menu or Grilled Chicken and Cheese Burger, McSpicy™ Chicken Burger, McChicken® Burger or any other that you crave for from the non-veg menu. If you’d like to check the McVeggie® burger price and the offers on it before you step into the McDonald’s outlet, download the McDonald’s App now!

Go ahead, and say cheese with the real cheese in your favorite McDonald’s burgers, fries and dessert!

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