International Day of Happiness: It is a good day to feel good

March 20 is celebrated as International Day of Happiness, and being in the business of putting smiles on your faces, we say, Happy Day!

They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and we agree! Having spent three decades in India taught us to live by a simple motto: Happiness in every bite 🍔 🍟 ☕ 🍗 🍦 🥤

Think about it. Remember the feeling when you…
… Bit into a portion of fries with a Chocolate Shake by your side? Context: Your exam scores were announced, you passed with flying colors. 🥳

… Treated your family to a McDonald’s meal spread on your first salary?

… Were confided in by your daughter that her 13th birthday was made extra special, having celebrated it at McDonald’s with her friends, thanks to you?

… Found out your book was getting published and headed to ours truly for a celebratory coffee and dessert treat?
These instances with feel-good food and beautiful people are priceless! 🤞🏽

Happiness in every size: Regular (R), Medium (M), Large (L)

From exciting launches (McFlurry™ with GEMS, anyone?) to flavors-that-wow-your-palate (Chicken Maharaja Mac®, McAloo Tikki Burger®, McSpicy™ Fried Chicken, Salsa Cheesy Fries), our 27 years in India has been grand! As fun as it is innovating with the menu through collaborations and limited-time offers (our McSaver meals are a big deal!), product quality and consistent reviews are equally important. Providing happiness in every bite is our legacy and delight!

“Reconnecting for Happiness: Building Resilient Communities,” being the focus of this International Day of Happiness strikes a chord. Good food brings palates and people together! When we launched a Sattvic-friendly meal at our W&S outlets, we loved delighting the Jain community with ‘No Onion, No Garlic’ meal preparations.
EatQual™ is another initiative – it’s packaging designed for physically-disabled persons to open up a burger box, conveniently. We have a Color-Blind-Friendly feature across delivery apps so customers can adjust their screen colors to view the McDonald’s menu adequately. These measures help us serve you better!

A Happy Meal® at McDonald’s is a happy meal, indeed

Good-spirited and warm, the McDonald’s India ambience at our outlets (W&S) puts the H in happy! Our stores are a chosen venue for families and groups – making celebrating at our quarters more precious. P.S. Select outlets (W&S) are open late into the wee hours to satisfy your late-night food cravings! You can find out your favorite store’s timings on our website.

Whether for the little ones or you, a Happy Meal® at McDonald’s puts a smile on anyone’s face. Also: Who wouldn’t want that book or cute toy?! Amongst our Happy Meal® selections at Happy Meal® prices, we offer mains too: McChicken® Burger, McAloo Tikki Burger®, McVeggie® Burger, Chicken McNuggets®, and moOoOore. Order through the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App for great deals! If you’re coming to our stores, use the McDonald’s App on your smartphone or on our future-friendly self-check-out e-kiosks to get your order in! Have a happy day, you!

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