Happiness is best shared: Making eating together, a daily celebration!

Things McDonald’s knows best: A meal at McDonald’s and a broad smile goes a long mile, and eating your faves with your ‘faves’ is better together!

These little moments are ones we hope to remember for a long time to come… That smell! 🍔 That taste! 🍟 The people! The dates! The place! We believe there is something to be happy about, every single day – come what may. And that’s how time flew! 27 beautiful years of serving you love and delicious meals as McDonald’s India, woo-hoo! 🥳

‘Loving’ McDonald’s never goes out of style, and McDonald’s Value Meals are great for life’s moments, regular and BIG:

  • We love when friends unite, with or without reason, all while indulging in great food. Particularly when the combos are variety-plenty and pocket-friendly! Like, a meal at McDonald’s wherein you can get a McChicken® Burger + Fries (L), McAloo Tikki® Regular Meal (including a regular-size Refreshing Coke®), Chocolate Shake + Fries (R), Chicken McNuggets® 6 Pcs + Fries (M) + Piri Piri Spice Mix, McSpicy™ Chicken Burger + Mexican Cheesy Fries, McVeggie® Burger + Fries (R), or 2 Soft Serve Hot Fudge ice creams among other stunning combos. Nom nom!
  • Our customers of all age agree that a party at McDonald’s is a delight of the highest order, and our ‘Party Planner’ Birthday Party tab on the McDonald’s website can help! Once you click the tab, a form appears for you to fill in the Name and Birthdate of the Birthday Person, the City of Residence and McDonald’s Restaurant of Choice. The restaurant manager, upon receiving your application, will get in touch with you, as soon as soon! Whether it’s your 24th birthday bash OR Dadaji/Nanaji and Dadiji’s/Naniji’s anniversary celebrations, planning a get-together with meals for friends and families at McDonald’s couldn’t get sweeter or simpler. Delightfully convenient and economical too!
  • It’s a steal of a McDonald’s Value Meal when get-togethers galore are in the works! Off the top of our heads: Family Friday night with the homies, ‘Working Mums for downtime,’ or… Game night with the dudes! Make that cricket or football match scene at su casa a night to remember with our ‘Real Food, Real Good’ McSpicy™ Fried Chicken. From crispy and juicy chicken pieces to Cheesy Veg McNuggets®, Salsa Cheesy Fries, Chicken McNuggets® and Fries with the Piri Piri Spice Mix, it’s gonna be a real-good ‘McDonald’s Value Meal’ time!
  • McDonald’s Value Meals save the day when you’re on a road trip with cousins or good ol’ bae! McDonald’s is trusted for our fulfilling food at great prices and for our quality too – delivered every time! When you’re on the road, next, come tuck in and freshen up at our place. Look for McDonald’s Golden Arches in your windshield, Google Maps can guide the way!

Serving you smiles and irresistible sides (S&W)

Now, if you’re celebrating your Mom finally getting her driver’s license or your partner’s promotion, McDonald’s Value Meals will make you jubilant! Get a delicious meal of a main, a side, and a refreshing drink at a McDonald’s meal price – lots on the menu to savor! Online orders get special treatment (aka discounts aplenty) through the McDelivery® website or McDelivery® App! The McDonald’s App is a price-saver when you visit us in-store! We see your appetite and raise you our McDonald’s Value Meals! 🍔 🍟 ☕ 🍦 ✨

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