An ice-cream to enjoy the sunny daze: McFlurry™ with GEMS 🍦

Summer is around the corner, and so is our need to scream for ‘soft serve’ ice cream!

Soft-serve-style ice cream is enjoyed, world over, and rightly so. It’s comforting and cooling on the palate, all while being creamy and oh-so-delicious! Our McFlurry™ flavors are made similarly – it’s soft-serve-style ice cream, jazzed up with a twist making it a decadent dessert no one can resist. Especially our latest variant with GEMS that we launched, a few weeks ago, in collaboration with Mondelez!

The McFlurry™ with GEMS is *the* ice cream for this time. It’s got character, for one, and two – it’s a hug in a cup for sure. This new McFlurry™ flavor features vanilla soft serve ice cream coated with chocolate dip and hot fudge sauce, topped with the colorful Cadbury GEMS. That’s yesterday nostalgia (if you know, you know) and delight in every bite!

Go on, hurry! Grab McDonald’s new McFlurry™!

McDonald’s new McFlurry™ flavor with GEMS can be enjoyed in four variants: McFlurry™ with GEMS, Sundae with GEMS, Chocolate Shake with GEMS, and Strawberry Shake with GEMS. There’s something for everyone! ☺️

These ice creams are available at our outlets in the West and South of India until offers lasts, and we had to make sure you knew: Cadbury GEMS and McFlurry™ came through for you!

Sunny daze, welcome! McFlurry™ with GEMS, awesome!

Whether you’re coming by for firsts, seconds, or thirds – it’d be our pleasure to serve you McDonald’s new McFlurry™ flavor topped with a sprinkle of Cadbury GEMS. Take your pick from the McFlurry™ flavors menu – the Oreo® McFlurry™ is a great choice too! If you’re in the mood for something classic and creamy, look no further than at the McSwirls® soft serve ice creams which are a TREAT!

Now, this might sound strange but sometimes we tend to eat an ice cream before getting our meals – and if that’s the deal with you too, we so understand the appeal! Fries are always nice after, and if you’ve got other savory foods on the mind, try our Chicken McNuggets® with Mustard Sauce, Veg McNuggets®, McChicken® Burger or McVeggie® Burger among other favorite burgers and sides. Finally, a meal isn’t completely complete without a nice coffee, in our humble opinion! If you think the same way, try our McCafé® Americano which is aromatic, warm and so refreshing.

Ah, for all that appetite, you need some delight – enter: our discounts! Use the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App to avail of offers, online, and the McDonald’s App for when you come see us in person. Hurry, friends, let’s go get those GEMS!

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