Making ‘Chocolate Day’ moments

Chocolate is universally recognized as a language of love, and uff, sharing a ‘chocolate moment’ with someone you care about is a feeling like no other.

With that chocolatey spirit, we usher in Valentine’s week and Chocolate Day. Here are some self-love and ‘love with each other’ moments to indulge in to complement your moods!

Childhood nostalgia: McFlurry™ with GEMS

Let the inner child in you squeal with delight! It’s our classic McFlurry™ with a GEMS twist. This colorful dessert is also available as a Sundae with GEMS, and Chocolate Shake with GEMS. Gotta GEMS them all!

Study break: Chocolate Shake

All that cramming and paper-practicing needs to be balanced with a well-earned break. Or shall we say, Shake! Our American Mud Pie is just as delightful too!

An unforgettable date: Premium Dark Hot Chocolate

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but gooey and melty dark chocolate makes a strong contender! Treat your love to the elegant Premium Dark Hot Chocolate at McCafé®, and watch this divine drink work its chocolatey wonders. 

11 AM work meeting: Chocolate Chip Muffin

Morning meetings can be a-bother-made-better with our Chocolate Chip Muffins in tow! Order some McDonald’s chocolate muffins for you and your lovable crew, and note the smiles on your co-workers’ faces that say, “Can do!” Works, every time. 😉

College besties reunion: Soft Serve (Hot Fudge)

Ah, reminiscing on the good college days with your lovely besties! Those were the days! Those were the ice-creams too! Luckily for you, your favorite McSwirls® soft serve ice cream with Hot Fudge sauce is a classic on the McDonald’s menu. Old is gold, old is cold, sweet and chocolatey too…

Pre-movie treat: Oreo® McFlurry™

An early bird gets the Oreo® McFlurry™! You’re on time with your better half for the late-night show and you’d like something sweet before getting to your seat. Something reassuring and iconic will do, that’s our Oreo® McFlurry™ for you!

Treating Mom and Dad: Chocolate Express Cake

The parents are visiting, it’s the weekend, and what better way to start their mini-vacay! Our Chocolate Express Cake is dreamy, velvety, and rich. Dig in to your dessert, get cosy, and let Uncle and Aunty’s cheeks get rosy. 😊

Say it with Chocolate!

What you don’t have words for, say it with chocolate! 🍫 Now that you’ve decided what you’re in the mood for, come visit us at our South and West India outlets – use the McDonald’s App to avail of seasonal McCafé® offers like scoring on a good ‘McDonald’s chocolate muffin price’! If you’re looking for something savory alongside chocolate chip muffins, order in, using the McDelivery® website or McDelivery® App.

‘Hearty’ Valentine’s Day! 💞

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