How can one not stop by for the McDonald’s McSaver Meals!

Few things make sense when you’re hangry or on a time crunch, We get it. Enter: our McSaver meals menu, equipped with irresistible meal combinations! Whatever it may be: a quick lunch break on a weekday, a family outing, or any occasion at any time of the day!

Say goodbye to ‘what-to-order’ stress, with the pocket-friendly, value for money, McSaver meals! Get a main, a side and a drink, at a great price.

So what Say? Rukna toh banta hai na!

It’s in your favor, to savor the ‘value-for-money’ McSaver!

McDonald’s India store outlets (W&S) have launched the McSaver meals – prices start at ₹99 in Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh, and prices start at ₹149 for customers in the West and South of India. Some offers to give you an idea!

  • McAloo Tikki® Regular Meal

This comes with the Classic McAloo Tikki Burger®, Crispy Fries (Regular), and a Refreshing Coke® (Regular).

  • McChicken® Regular Meal

For our chicken-eaters, we’ve got a McSaver meal of a Delicious McChicken® Burger, Crispy Fries (Regular), and a Refreshing Coke® (Regular).

  • McVeggie® Regular Meal 

Fans of the McVeggie® will like this, which comes with a McVeggie® Burger, Crispy Fries (Regular), and a Refreshing Coke® (Regular).

  • Chicken Kebab Burger Regular Meal

Combining desi flavors with a crispy coating – the Chicken Kebab Burger is deliciously complemented with Crispy Fries (Regular), and a Refreshing Coke® (Regular).

Savings galore, for the win, McSaver meals are so IN!

Stop! Stare! McSaver!

P.S. Have you watched our latest feel-good ads for our McSaver meals? Well, you’re in for a treat. Our first ad features an enthusiastic employee taking things a little too far in his hope for everything to go smoothly at a corporate convention with an international delegate Mr. Marshall visiting from offshores, in the process – ruining the deleagte’s sweater! *Gasp* Our other film sees some funny burglars pausing their heist to make a pit-stop at McDonald’s – coz who can resist McSaver meals priced at ₹99? Watch the ads to see the fun unfold. 😉

Rahul Mathew, Chief Creative Officer at the DDB Mudra Group says about these ads, “One of the pillars that McDonald’s is built on is that ‘McDonald’s is for everyone’. No matter who you are – boss, intern, cop, robber… it makes complete financial and emotional sense to come to McDonald’s to add that smile to your every day.” We agree!

Seconding Rahul, our Chief Marketing Officer at McDonald’s India (W&S), Mr. Arvind R.P. reaffirms, “At McDonald’s India (W&S), our focus has always been on creating unforgettable memories and delivering feel-good moments to our customers. With our new ad campaign, we wanted to showcase the irresistible value of McSaver meals and the moments of joy and connections that our valued customers can experience while enjoying these affordable meals… McDonald’s is the best value-for-money QSR destination for anyone, at any time of the day.”

McSaver meals for the steal!

Can you imagine the horror of a burger lunch without a refreshing drink and generous side? 😱 No worries, McDonald’s knows well – a valuable meal becomes invaluable with some lip-smacking fries and a refreshing Coke! What are you waiting for? Visit your nearest McDonald’s restaurant and order your favourite McSaver Meals.

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