It’s a complete value meal, the McDonald’s McSaver Meals

Good things come in twos, or threes, and fours. And McSaver Meals are the real deal, bro!

In our books, a well-deserved meal at McDonald’s is incomplete without a refreshing drink and a generous side in tow. A juicy burger is made better with fries and a cool Coke (that’d be the McSaver McSpicy™ chicken meal, for sure!), Chicken McNuggets® go great with your choice of dip and fries, and what’s a cappuccino break without one for you and the guys? The McSaver Meals were introduced to the McDonald’s menu for this very reason. You get the best of both worlds, Hannah Montana style! Your favorite food order at McDonald’s at a very considerate price. Apart from the great savings on your order, if you feel up to mixing and matching, you’re in for a treat with our interesting meal combos on board. Sweet and savory, savory and upbeat (read: Spicy! Feisty!). Like the McSaver McAloo Tikki Burger® Meal, or Strawberry Shake + Fries (M), or a McSaver chicken meal with a McSpicy™ Chicken Burger aboard. Yup, ain’t nothing like the McSaver meals!

Whether there’s one or two or a whole group of you gathered at the table, these savings are great because you can eat as much, as per your liking. Plus, the McSaver meals allow you to combine not just sides like fries or cold coffee, but mains like the burgers too. It’s a win-win for the moderately hungry to the super hungry, oh yessiree!

A McSaver Meal is the real deal

For the college-attending and office-going crowd, McDonald’s McSaver meals will save the day. And their bank balance too! So, come check our menu, and if you’re ordering in, use the McDelivery® website or McDelivery® App. For mind blowing offers and deals, don’t forget to check out the McDonald’s App. When you scroll down our menu, browse from a variety of McSaver Combos like the McChicken® Burger + Fries (L), Mexican McAloo Tikki Burger® + Fries (R), Chocolate Shake + Fries (R), Chicken McNuggets® 6 Pc + Fries (M) + Piri Piri Spice Mix, McSpicy™ Chicken Burger + Mexican Cheesy Fries, McVeggie® Burger + Fries (R), 2 of the Soft Serve Hot Fudge ice creams, 2 Cappuccino (S) drinks, 2 Iced Coffee drinks, 2 Coke drinks, and that’s not ALL! Be it your lunch break or an office celebration with colleagues, a gathering with college mates, or a coffee break with cousins – score on your favorite McSaver deals, be it a McSaver McVeggie® Meal or McSaver McChicken® Meal.

We love on you, extra, because you’re the best-a!

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