Introducing our new hottie: the NEW McSpicy™ Deluxe Burger!

Are you ready?!

We’ve been waiting a while to announce this and now that we are safely into the New Year, we could not have picked a better time to say: the NEW McSpicy™ Deluxe Burger is in Town and is making the rounds! We hope your appetite is whet, because, boy, is the McSpicy™ Deluxe Burger loaded. The secret’s in the sauce (and patty), friends! But, first,


If you like McDonald’s spicy burgers, then you are going to love the range of McSpicy™ Deluxe Burgers which is a premium level burger offering in every possible way. McDonald’s McSpicy™ burger comes in two variants: the McSpicy™ Deluxe Chicken Burger and the McSpicy™ Deluxe Paneer Burger, each burger stacked with their respective patties, and tomato slices, lettuce leaves, and a special Roasted Chipotle sauce. If you don’t know, a chipotle is a smoke-dried ripe jalapeño chili pepper used for seasoning foods, and yes, this fiery surprise has made an entrant into our recipe by way of our Roasted Chipotle sauce. As BTS would say, FIRE!

Fulfill your spicy cravings with the new McDonald’s McSpicy™ Burger

McDonald’s McSpicy burgers make a great eating experience, whether you order in or eat at our stores. We hope you are prepared to get messy, just in the most delightful way! The McSpicy™ Deluxe Chicken Burger and the McSpicy™ Deluxe Paneer Burger are soul-satisfying on their own but if we were you – we’d get some Barbeque and Mustard sauce for the table, maybe some Salsa Cheesy Fries, McNuggets®, and some regular fries with the Piri Piri Spice Mix – just to be safe! 😉 Fingers crossed, you’re reading this on your lunch break, because have we distracted you or what – Mission successful in our books. Be sure to get the McSpicy™ Deluxe Burgers while you can – it’s available on the menu at select store outlets in the West and South of India.

Cool off with iced teas and ice cream

Our selection of icy drinks from the Berry Lemonade Splash to the Green Apple Chiller, Lemon Chiller and Strawberry Chiller should do the trick! If iced coffee is more your cup of cool, then be our guests – the McCafé® Iced Americano will win you over! Oftentimes, paired great with a feast of a burger like the McSpicy™ Deluxe Burger is simply some good ol’ McSwirls® soft serve ice cream. Grab that cone and go to town! P.S. If you’re planning to catch up with the latest thriller or another round of F.R.I.E.N.D.S at home – we understand that ordering in might be more appealing… Say no more, just place an order through the McDelivery® websiteMcDelivery® App or check out deals and offers on the McDonald’s App, and we will be at your door. Phew! That’s a lot of exclamation points: just know that we are excited, and we know this new McDonald’s spicy burger is going to be a fiery fiesta in your mouth! Assured.

Happy feasting!

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