McDonald’s India celebrates National Energy Conservation Day

December 14 marks National Energy Conservation Day. As Westlife Development and McDonald’s India, we reflect on 2023, and think about the ways forward – let’s take a moment to talk about Energy Conservation at McDonald’s India and what it means to us as a core value. Energy is the backbone of efficiency in most business models and industries, and there’s no challenging the fact that the future is now.

Well, if you are wondering what that means, here it is. For us to continue doing what we do (which we love very much, might we add), we’ve implemented a practice of sustainability that focuses on our tomorrows, through recycling, reusing, minimising consumption, and adopting renewable sources of energy. To begin with, in the year 2022-23, McDonald’s India (W&S) has managed to save 1,05,00,000 units of electricity with smart conserving systems. One of the most interesting strategies that fuels us, quite literally, is using an Advanced Energy Management System that allows McDonald’s India to convert used cooking oils into bio-diesel. There are many parts to it which include:

  • Reused cooking oil as per standardized guidelines
  • Pooling together used oil from 100 restaurant locations and converting it into biodiesel
  • Recycling 99% of discarded cooking oil and converting it into biodiesel

Pretty cool, huh?! The converted bio-diesel is used in our trucks for transportation. Good stuff coming through in pretty good ways, don’t you think so?

We’re big on what we can do for you and the environment

Environment integrity is important for and to Westlife Development and the McDonald’s India business model because we rely so much on the richness of Mother Nature to bring our scrumptious offerings to you.  And while it is a joy to know that we can make your tastebuds happy and stomachs too, we want to make sure that it goes both ways, i.e. – we support the environment that holds us right back too.

Some of the energy conservation steps include:

  • Energy Management System in 309 restaurants
  • Installation of air conditioning with remote auto-on/off and temperature cloud controllers
  • Installation of auto-on/off controllers across the ten highest energy-consuming kitchen equipment
  • Installation of evaporative air-cooling kitchen systems and economizers
  • Usage of LED bulbs and order assembly table sets
  • Installation of solar rooftop panels in one restaurant
  • Installation of motion sensors to control store back area lighting consumption wastage
  • Replacement of the old module RO with a high-efficiency and low-power-consumption RO (reverse osmosis) system

To add to this, dining and delivery experiences are also tailored to cater to you and the environment. We use environment-friendly equivalents for our cutlery such as paper, PLA and wood materials, and we encourage our customers and patrons too to pay it forward in little ways, for instance – by requesting for less single-use plastics at our counters, separating dry waste from wet waste when you’re depositing empty plates and trays at a McDonald’s India outlet, drinking your favorite hot beverages in-store (if you have the time) in the more environment-friendly alternatives available. Together, we can make a multitude of difference. Less waste, great (environmental) taste!

McDonald’s India is the place you think about when you want something that is delicious, wholesome, and quick. Hunger pangs come in a variety of feels, and we do not discriminate nor judge. We simply want to serve you the best of our best! The next time you are at our outlet, and you see our employees behind the counter in the kitchen preparing your food, remind yourself of the bounties of nature that allow us to make our delicious offerings to you.

If you’d like to order in your favorite McDonald’s burgers, beverages, and more, visit the McDelivery® website or McDelivery® App. To avail good deals, order using the McDonald’s App to score via the latest deals, discounts, and offers.

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