McDonald’s Fries, the champion in many food stories!

Isn’t it a universal truth that Fries is everyone’s go-to snack? You’re mostly unlikely to meet someone who doesn’t fancy this potato invention! For something that started many decades ago, it’s still quite the charmer. The demand for fast food rose in the 20th century, and Fries became a must-have in American restaurants. Lo and behold, it took the whole world by storm as well.

In 1996, when McDonald’s reached India, it introduced this golden glory to the country, and it’s been a national-favorite ever since. Fries were popularized mainly through McDonald’s, which has now extended to other food joints as well. But nothing beats the OG; that’s why everyone knows that McDonald’s Fries are the very best.

The flavor, the texture, its simplicity, and its ability to complement any food and any mood are unmatched.

The Irresistible Munchie

When you start eating Fries you have to go all the way. A few are usually not enough. It begins with a crispy exterior, which lets you bite into a soft and soothing interior with the right amount of salt sprinkled over it. No wonder it’s a comfort food! And it’s so hard to believe that with just oil and spuds, this magic is made. Along with the Classic Fries, you can enjoy the Classic Cheesy Fries and Salsa Cheesy Fries.

The Perfect Pairing

The exquisite experience enhances other foods as well. A burger, a wrap or a Veg Pizza McPuff® with some Fries on the side is such a seamless combination. Pair it with the new Cheesy Italian Burger Veg or any of your other favorite burgers for an indulgent meal. A refreshing beverage alongside Fries with the Piri Piri Spice Mix, Tangy Pepper Dip, Sweet Chilli Dip, Mustard Sauce, Barbeque Sauce, Classic Cheesy Dip, or Ketchup is just as awesome. Basically, this superpower in the culinary world works both as a main character and a sidekick with absolute finesse.

Relishing Memories

Their simplicity allows them to be compatible with not just different foods like a Veg Pizza McPuff® McDonald’s but also a myriad of moments. A movie night munchie, a card game snack, a catch-up session nom nom, or even just for me-time, Fries can make it a memorable time.  

Culinary curiosity

Some Fries enthusiasts have figured out that when you dip Fries in a milkshake, it gives a heavenly sweet and savory crossover. Well, try before you deny, and you never know; it might soon become your guilty pleasure too!

You can’t think of Fries without thinking of McDonald’s, right? So, when your snack craving kicks in, stop by your nearest McDonald’s restaurant to satiate it. You can always get your order delivered to your doorstep through the McDelivery® app or the McDelivery® website. Download the McDonald’s app for more deals and discounts on Fries, McDonald’s Pizza McPuff®, or other light bites on the menu.

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