Perfect for the Shravan season: McDonald’s Jain Friendly Menu

Hey, do you know what time of the year it is? It is raining goodness! The Shravan season is here, and as per the Hindu calendar, it is the fifth month. This period observes the monsoons and is dearly regarded as one of the most auspicious times for festivals and celebrations. In fact, new beginnings get off to a good start during the Shravan month. And it is advised to refrain from eating non-vegetarian food as well.

McDonald’s always has something in store for you on every occasion, and guess what? We have Shravan special food too. Yes, it is the McDonald’s Jain friendly menu! It is brand new, and what better time than now to try it! After all, it will be a good start.

The launch of McDonald’s Jain friendly menu is yet another stepping stone towards being inclusive in India. A significant demographic follows a no garlic, no onion, and a no roots diet, and McDonald’s should also be made palatable to them. Actually, we have someone who has walked through the process of making the Jain food menu.

It is none other than Master Chef India contestant, TEDx Speaker, and entrepreneur turned YouTuber, Urmila Asher. She is fondly known to all as Baa, and her YouTube channel, Gujju Ben Na Nasta takes you on a nourishing, culinary journey.

After having explored and educated others on authentic Gujarati flavors, Baa now ventures into McDonald’s. She asked her friend where she would get a burger without onion and garlic, and she was told that McDonald’s was the place. With our very own Chef Swarup Solgaonkar as her guide, Baa learns how a McCheese Burger® from the Jain Friendly food menu is made.

She goes through the whole process of frying the patty, toasting the buns, and arranging them into a burger. Take a look:

At the end, Chef sits down with Baa and presents her with the entire Jain food menu. It includes the McCheese Burger®, Satvik Ketchup, Cheesy Dip, Corn, Oreo McFlurry™, and Coke. All of these come with no garlic, no onion, and no roots.

Baa not only saw the process of making the burger from the Jain food menu but also participated in the preparation. They also discuss how this idea strengthens McDonald’s as a brand where every customer is taken care of. Revel in the auspiciousness of the season and get your Shravan special food from McDonald’s Jain menu. Stop by your nearest McDonald’s restaurant, or order in from the McDelivery® app or the McDelivery® website. For more offers and discounts on the Jain  food menu, download the McDonald’s app.

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