It’s Drive-Thru Day – Here’s wishing you a happy vrooming through the McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Driving to your favorite restaurant and receiving your order while being seated in your vehicle is so convenient. It is super easy and so much fun, right? That’s why a whole day is dedicated to it. The 24th of July is celebrated as Drive-Thru Day! And when it comes to drive-thrus, McDonald’s is leading the way.

It is the ultimate takeaway experience with convenience at your car window! Let’s tell you more about this.

First and foremost, like always, McDonald’s food is prepared with top hygiene and safety standards. It is the perfect place to refuel your belly when you have to resume driving. And, the menu is as wholesome as ever. Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we have got you covered!

In the morning, favorites like Veg McMuffin®, Double Cheese McMuffin®, Hashbrown, Hotcakes, and more are available. Through the rest of the day, all the filling, tasty burgers are there for you to feast on. Don’t forget to get dessert, though. And no matter how many caffeine refills you need, McCafé® is here for you.

While deliciousness is checked, ease is also taken care of. The meals are travel-friendly as they are packaged to comfortably let you eat while the car is moving too.

The McDonald’s Drive Thru is also a go-to for safe and hygienic stopovers with clean and sanitized restrooms. It is not always easy to find a trustworthy place, but when you hit the road, know that McDonald’s has your back. So refresh, replenish, and continue the journey.

Another amazing aspect of the McDonald’s Drive Thru is the 120-seconds Service Guarantee. What’s even more remarkable? If your order isn’t prepared within 120 seconds, they’ll reward you with free Fries!

Think of the McDonald’s Drive Thru when you are on road trips, late-night drives, a breakfast destination on a holiday morning, or are famished but in a hurry to get somewhere. Once you experience the indulgent menu, sanitized restrooms, and quick service, you will want to come back for more. And today is the perfect time to do so. This Drive-Thru Day, if you are on the go or even if you are not, start your car, get on the road, jam to the latest hit singles, and make your way to a McDonald’s Drive Thru. There is lots to relish—the food and the feeling! Of course, you can also enjoy your meals at a McDonald’s store near you or order them from the McDelivery® app or McDelivery® website. For interesting deals you can even avail at the McDonald’s Drive Thru, download the McDonald’s app.

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