Visit to McDonald’s: A walk down memory lane

Whether it is a celebration or refuge after a long day at work, McDonald’s is always there for you. Since launching the first restaurant in India, way back in 1996, we’ve almost become a part of millions of families. In good times and bad, we relish the opportunity to serve and grow with you. Let’s take a walk down McDonald’s memory lane.

It is all about creating beautiful memories with McDonald’s. Do you recall your first visit to McDonald’s with your parents? Perhaps the man in red and yellow on the bench scared you but now you put your arm around him and take pictures. And the first time you tried Fries, a life changing moment because now it is your absolute favorite snack. Or, how was it when you took your grandparents to an outlet for the first time? They must’ve surely tried the McVeggie® Burger or the McAloo Tikki Burger®. The moment where their faces turned from doubtful and wary to forming a big cheek to cheek smile.

Or your friend’s first birthday in McDonald’s. You know what they say. There ain’t no party like a McDonald’s party. With birthday hats, a massive cake, unending float of McNuggets® and Fries, it is a memory that’ll stick with you. We work hard to ensure that the smiles and laughter of both children and adults never stop. After the cake is cut and it’s time for a meal, why would anyone look past a McDonald’s Happy Meal®. McDonald’s signature meal with a cool toy in every box means that every child is a lucky one in McDonald’s. Do you still remember the toys you used to collect, of your favorite cartoon and superhero characters? It is all the craze among our young fans and helps us in making good memories with them.

Do you remember the times when you and your friends went to McDonald’s to celebrate finishing up the last exam before the summer vacation? The josh is high in that gathering with everyone feeling washed over by overwhelming relief. Soon, plans begin to take shape of what awesome activities everyone would do in summer. In those moments, between sharing the fries, nuggets and your favorite burgers, friendships get stronger, creating beautiful memories that last.

McDonald’s also delivers wherever you’d like it to. That means, on those boiling hot summer days where you have decided to not leave the pool till sunset, you can order McDonald’s right up to your sun lounger beside the pool. There are a number of freezing cold, chilled beverages to put the ice back in your veins. You can have a merry little summer all to yourself, without ever leaving that sweet, swimming pool.

So, do take a walk down McDonald’s memory lane, or add to the memories now. You can visit any one of the hundreds of our outlets at your disposal. We can also go about creating beautiful memories at the comfort of your home, through the McDelivery® app or the McDelivery® website. A big fan of the deals? Be sure to download the McDonald’s app. Cheers to making good memories with McDonald’s.

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