McDonald’s celebrates the specialness in every family

Family. There is so much emotion and warmth in this word. It is a reflection of who you are, where you come from, and where you are headed. In fact, communities and societies are an extension of families. With an understanding of how important this institution is, the UN General Assembly has proclaimed May 15 as International Day of Families. Its goal is to raise awareness about the importance and value of family.

At McDonald’s, we understand the value of family time, where everyone can spend quality time with their loved ones. Anytime is a good time, especially when the entire family is ready to celebrate together! So, this #InternationalDayofFamilies, gather everyone at home and head over for a McDonald’s family meal. You must already have so many cherished memories here; it is time to create yet another one.

Each family is different, so your celebrations might be different as well. But, as you already know, #MealsMakeFamilies, and there are many ways to enjoy a McDonald’s family meal.

Go for an early morning jog, watch the sunrise, and crash at McDonald’s for a delicious breakfast with a Double Cheese McMuffin®, Egg McMuffin®, Hashbrown, Hotcakes, and a McCafé® beverage.
Relish the classics with your grandpops and grandma with McAloo Tikki Burger® and McVeggie Burger.
Seek refuge from the rains at McDonald’s with the flavorsome and flaming Piri Piri McSpicy™ Paneer Burger, Piri Piri McSpicy™ Chicken Burger, Piri Piri Big Spicy Wrap Paneer, and Piri Piri Big Spicy Wrap Chicken. Be sure to soothe the fiery taste with a Chocolate Shake or a Strawberry Shake.
For an evening family time that you would like to be light and breezy, easy peasy, grab these munchies: Chicken McNuggets, Fries, Cheesy Veg Nuggets, Chicken Strips, and Mexican Cheesy Fries. Do enjoy some chocolaty sips with McCafé®-Chocolate Frappe and American Mud Pie.
When the whole fam has a sweet tooth, cravings are definitely going to rise. So, don’t wait any longer and dive into the super sweet, super yum McFlurry Oreo, Brownie Hot Fudge, Soft Serve Strawberry, McFlurry Oreo, Black Forest McFlurry, and Soft Serve Hot Fudge.
If the ‘f’ in your family stands for foodie, then you must hurry and indulge in the beyond tasty McSpicy™  Chicken Burger, Chicken Surprise Burger, McCheese Burger® Veg, Triple Cheese Chicken Burger, and Corn & Cheese Burger. And of course, a Green Apple Chiller and Berry Lemonade Splash Regular will go perfectly well with your meal.
If the infinite love for caffeine not just runs in your blood but also runs in the family, then McCafé® awaits you with Mocha, Latte, Cappuccino, McCafé® Americano, McCafé® Iced Americano, and lots more.

Hold on; as much as you love your family, no one can escape fighting for fries. Especially McDonald’s Fries. So, before anyone starts channeling their inner Roman warrior, do get some extra Fries.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to bond with your loved ones. Take your fam jam to a McDonald’s near you. You can also create the magic at home by ordering from the McDelivery® app or the McDelivery® website. For deals and discounts on family meal time, download the McDonald’s app.


Happy International Day of Families!

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