Spicy & Chilled: What would you pair McSpicy™ Fried Chicken & Chicken Wings with?

Ah, the things that happen when the words “spicy fried chicken” are uttered! Eyes go wide, the heart beats faster, and there is an automatic smile on your face, right? That is the magic of this beyond-yummy treat that is loved across borders. There is so much affection for spicy fried chicken because it is almost a work of art that pleases your sight, smell, touch, and taste like no other. You can already feel the mania for the McSpicy™ Fried Chicken and McSpicy™ Chicken Wings, can’t you?

The aim at every McDonald’s kitchen is to make sure that your food is nothing short of heavenly. That is the exact craft and emotion that goes into creating spicy fried chicken and McDonald’s chicken wings. Chicken that passes the 64 unique quality tests is chosen, then marinated with authentic herbs and spices, battered, marinated again, and finally fried to absolute perfection. Along with lots of love from McDonald’s, the secret ingredient that keeps it spicy to the last bite is the Ghost Chilli Pepper (Bhut Jhalokia), which happens to be one of the spiciest chillies in the world.

As amazing as spicy fried chicken can be, sometimes it is hard to keep up with the fiery spiciness. Nevertheless, the motivation to keep going is abundant. But to keep you going, have you considered pairing it with a delicious drink?

Imagine the spicy and chilled, sweet combinations, and your tastebuds will be crying out “para-pap-pa!” Let’s make it easier and show you some of the tastiest sips in store to go with your McDonald’s chicken wings and McSpicy™ Fried Chicken. You can take your pick from: Banana Caramel Shake, Chocolate Shake, Strawberry Shake, Mango Smoothie, Mixed Berry Smoothie, Berry Lemonade Splash Regular, Green Apple Chiller, Strawberry Chiller, Mccafe Iced Americano, Lemon Chiller, McCafe-Ice Coffee, McCafe-Chocolate Frappe, and McCafe-Mocha Frappe.

McSpicy™ Fried Chicken is available at outlets across South India, and McSpicy™ Chicken Wings are available in Hyderabad. If you are in the area, do not miss out on the amazing spicy quotient that is crispy at first, spicy till the very end, and juicy all the way through. Download the McDelivery® app and visit the McDelivery® website to get your meals delivered home. Keep in touch with the McDonald’s app for deals, discounts, and more.

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