EatQual: A McDonald’s initiative that brings happiness for all

The human experience is a deep ocean of infinite memories. And it is the little moments of joy that add up to an incredible life. Dancing in the rain, ice cream in the hot sun, a hot cup of coffee on a chilly morning, sharing an inside joke with friends, fighting for the last fries with your sibling are all things to look forward to. Don’t these snippets paint a beautiful picture?

At McDonald’s, there is a promise of happy times, but wait—there is also a promise of inclusivity. Since the last three years, the EatQual campaign has been in full swing to give our specially-abled customers with upper-limb disabilities the same access to delicious burgers as everyone else.

Westlife Foodworld Ltd., which operates McDonald’s India, along with extensive research and input from experts from NGOs who have been working for the betterment of the specially-abled community for more than 50 years, have developed an innovative packaging. It is smartly designed to allow you to enjoy your burger with one hand. Everyone deserves happiness, and McDonald’s is here to share it with everyone! 

Contrary to popular belief, specially-abled people too lead normal lives and McDonald’s is only adding to that. McDonald’s is a brand for all, with a feel-good experience for all and an inclusive burger-eating experience for all.

Each person looks so different from another, and despite our differences, at our very core, we all are same who seek happiness in everyday things. We cherish the little moments and look forward to many more.  After all, it is the small things that make us happy and it is the small things that make us all feel complete. 

Our latest EatQual film shows the joy there is in everyday things. And how different yet the same we all are!

Isn’t relishing a yummy burger synonymous with happiness? Well, that is what the McDonald’s experience is made of, and it is made for everyone. You can find EatQual packaging in West and South India at any McDonald’s store. You are always welcome to enjoy your burgers at home with that special packaging from the McDelivery app or McDelivery website. Don’t forget to make use of the awesome offers and deals on the McDonald’s app.

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