2022 at McDonald’s

The last few years have been very challenging for most of us, but can we all agree that 2022 came with a different vibe? There were no major lockdowns and lots for everyone to look forward to. Students returned to school, employees returned to work, and there were no impediments to fun, festivities, and celebrations. At McDonald’s, we were so happy to serve our customers personally, creating more memories of McDonald’s stories, and the rest of the year was a Pandora’s box of fabulous things to enjoy one after another! Take a look.

The summer of ‘22 brought a very refreshing and chilled beverage. All you needed for the season was lots of sunscreen and a McCafé Sweet Lime Cooler.

The summer special drink and every other drink had started being delivered in the new EZ Bottles, which are reusable, convenient, and user-friendly.

The absolutely wholesome and mouth-wateringly indulgent chef’s special Gourmet Burger Meals got a lot of lovin’ at a pocket-friendly price!

The McSpicy Believe It campaign kick-started with Actress Rashmika Mandana for the unbelievably spicy till the bone, McSpicy Fried Chicken!

A treat to truly relish, it’s Real Food because it’s Real Good with zero preservatives, added flavors, and added colors. So go ahead and get some more Fries, McNuggets, Chicken Strips, and McSpicy Fried Chicken!

The McDelivery app brought delicious eats home with offers that were even more delicious.

Meals make families, and what’s better than McDonald’s Family Meals, where there’s something for everyone while they discuss their favorite McDonald’s stories? Classics or new inventions—what is your pick?

Friendship Day celebrations were reeled in with the Special Shake Shake Fries (with the Chatpata sesoning) and the Shake Shake Drill. It must have surely gotten you likes like never before!

A super villain origin story with his super cute sidekicks and the Minion Mischief Banana Specials—what more could one ask for?

Reintroducing the Chef’s Special Gourmet Burger’s Cheese Lava Burger as “McCheese.” But you don’t need an introduction to the taste, do you?

The KITKAT McFlurry, KITKAT Sundae, and KITKAT Frappe are very sweet gifts for all the chocolate lovers out there.

Festivals make families and family time calls for happy times at McDonald’s with McDonald’s special menu and brightly lit drive-Thrus.

Adding to your collection of McDonald’s stories is a very memorable Children’s Month Celebrations for our tiny tot customers and their parents with the world’s first-ever Piano Concert with Fries and more!

The hype of the year, the height of the year, was the FIFA World Cup, and McDonald’s was there throughout with match balls for those with the highest home delivery orders (with a Coke beverage) and penalty kicks in select stores for free burgers.

Last but not the lease, let’s end on an EatQual note. The specially designed EatQual packaging (available in-store and on the McDelivery App) for specially-abled individuals is helping people with disabilities feel included with inclusive burger eating experience.

Begin your countdown at a McDonald’s outlet near you, or order in from the McDelivery app or McDelivery website. You can also avail offers, deals, and discounts from the McDonald’s app. See you next year!

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