The veg side of the McDonald’s menu: What a delight!

Food is such an important part of the Desi culture that it has become an extension of our personalities. And, McDonald’s India has really personalized the menu to match the appetites, tastes, and preferences of the Indians. An apt example of this is the McDonald’s vegetarian options offered at the restaurant. The creation of vegetarian alternatives and inventions to a western culinary experience has been a game changer in the fast food arena. Can we all agree that the veg items on the menu have stolen our hearts and have a massive fan base in the country? The best-selling McDonald’s item—the world-famous fries—is also *drum roll* vegetarian! And we all know that the McAloo Tikki burger is literally everyone’s go-to order. It is not just that they taste good; the veggies and buns used in McDonald’s veg burgers are sourced from farms and facilities across the country, keeping them fresh and healthy.

October 1 marks World Vegetarian Day, and let’s commemorate it by exploring the pure vegetarian and pure delicious part of the McDonald’s India menu. Pick one or as many as you want for yourself and enjoy it in honor of this day!

These classic vegetarian burgers from McDonald’s are quite a treat and hard to beat!

McVeggie Burger

McAloo Tikki Burger

A desi spin to a videshi flavor!

Mexican McAloo Tikki Burger

Just saying the word “paneer” makes your facial muscles expand into a smile, you will definitely but lovin’ it when you try it!

McSpicy Paneer Burger

Who doesn’t love cheese? Especially when it is in supreme size!

Corn & Cheese Burger

A meal when you are on the go that’s just too tasty to let go!

Big Spicy Paneer Wrap

No one should miss out on the magic of the Big Mac!

Veg Maharaja Mac

The chef’s special gourmet burgers have a very special veg range. It is cheesy, spicy, and everything in between!

Triple Cheese Veg Burger

McSpicy Premium Veg Burger

McCheese Burger Veg

Pair it with any of the McDonald’s shakes and coolers for a full meal experience, and yes, they are vegetarian too!

It is all just too yummy to handle! Head over to your nearest McDonald’s outlet for a scrumptious vegetarian meal. If you are an OTT content and chill kind of person who loves the indoors, then this deliciousness is all yours to relish from the McDelivery app or McDelivery website. Be sure to download the McDonald’s app to avail amazing deals and discounts.

Happy Eating!

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