Hunger quotient rising? Call for Chef’s Special Gourmet Burgers

The temperature is dipping, the days are getting shorter, and the nights are welcoming the darkness to stay for longer. The winds are getting cooler and it is hard to leave the fortress of blankets you are cocooned in. You will want to curl up with a book or binge watch the latest TV series from the comfort of your beloved bed. The need to constantly stay snuggled in is getting stronger with each day. Basically, we are looking for ways to stay warm, and the only other thing that would make it better is food. And not just any food—it must be delicious and wholesome, food that fills the belly and warms the soul. Doesn’t this cuddle climate make you want to be taken care of? So, where does one go to feel pampered and be nourished with beyond delicious food? Of course, it is right here at McDonald’s!

Winter is coming, and the wait to satiate ravenous hunger must stop. The incredibly appetizing chef’s special gourmet burgers have been especially crafted for this purpose. Each item from this indulgent range comes in a generous size with fresh and healthy ingredients that are sourced from the very best farmlands and facilities in the country. The sauces used bind every element of the burger to perfection, something you can only be lovin’.

Let the chilly winds chime with the “para-pap-pa” of super tasty and super happy times at McDonald’s. Pick your favorite from McDonald’s Gourmet Burgers. Pair it with the new KitKat range of treats and fries for a full meal experience.

Who doesn’t love extra layers of cheese?

It is so yum and so easily it can please!

Triple Cheese Veg Burger

Triple Cheese Chicken Burger

Cheese oozing with every bite,

Now, that is how McDonald’s gets it right!

McCheese Burger Veg

McCheese Burger Chicken

Doesn’t the gloom outside calls for some spice,

Take your tastebuds on a fiery trip, wouldn’t that be nice?

McSpicy Premium Veg Burger

McSpicy Premium Chicken Burger

It is mouth-watering and hard to resist, so why bother? Rush to your nearest McDonald’s outlet for a much-needed dose of wholesomeness. Don’t want to abandon your cozy bundle of blankets? Then relish your meal at home by ordering it in from the McDelivery app or McDelivery website. The McDonald’s app always has amazing deals and offers for you to avail, so don’t forget to check it out.

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