The McDonald’s Employee Experience

Put stereotypes to rest and show more respect—Mike Waite, a McDonald’s employee from Edinburgh, made a telling assertion on social media that made this post go viral.

In his post that garnered a massive 44,000 reactions and over 7000 likes on Facebook, Waite says, “Every person I work with has a story and every person is working hard in what can be a very tough job for their own reasons.”

There are over 200,000 employees worldwide and more than 7,500 employees in India working at McDonald’s, making it one of the biggest job-providing companies in the service sector.

A flexible job with opportunities for growth is what Waite believes is offered to the employees working at McDonald’s, and therefore it becomes a preferred choice for people like him. Waite is currently saving for his higher studies and aspires to carve a niche for himself in the management side of business.

Maintaining being a McDonald’s employee has benefited him in several ways, Waite wrote, “I work with people I would aspire to be like, who have strengths in areas I wish I had, who have overcome situations I never could. In the past, I have known and worked with very rich folks in very end jobs, and a few of them could never match the resilience and work ethic of some of the current lads/lassies.”

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