McDonald’s Family Meal: Extra Love along with Happiness & Yumminess! ness!

There is always a place for all flavors and all family members at the table. It’s known by everyone how much each member enjoys their McDonald’s burgers, fries and more! Just how the cheese and sauces bind all the elements of a burger together, a McDonald’s Family Meal binds everyone together. It is where the Happy Meal dines with the Maharaja Mac!

McDonald’s is an all-time favorite across all generations. While the elderly may prefer the McAloo Tikki Burger or a classic McVeggie Burger, the Triple Cheese American Chicken Burger and the other burgers from the Chef’s Special Gourmet Burger Collection are Gen Z’s latest fancy. There are all types of desserts – muffins, cakes, and softies. Don’t you worry, your sweet tooth is going to get its due! At McDonald’s, there is something for everyone. The McDonald’s India menu has got you covered.

There are different kinds of flavors and different kinds of families, and each can relish what they like best. The 2 McVeggie Burger + 2 American Cheese Supreme Veg Burger + 2 Fries (L) is an amazing deal the vegetarian family can enjoy. After their massive wedding celebrations, the newlyweds can relax with the 2 McSpicy Chicken Burger + McNuggets (20 pcs) + Fries (L) + Coke deal. For families where some prefer spicy and some prefer not-so-spicy, they must try the McChicken Burger + McSpicy Chicken Burger offer. The full-on foodie family must definitely try the Veg Maharaja Mac + Chicken Maharaja Mac + Fries (L) + 2 Veg Pizza McPuff + Coke combo. If the naughty young one prefers only chicken, then you should definitely go for Chicken McNuggets – 20 Pcs.

It isn’t just about family value meals at McDonald’s; it’s about sharing hilarious stories from back in the day, hearing funny riddles from the little ones, their excitement for the Happy Meal toys and Happy Reader’s books, the older ones playing pranks, and cracking lots of dad jokes. Although sometimes a battle for the fries may break out, you can come to a truce by ordering some more! To further cool down the situation, get some shakes and chillers, they’ll do the trick.

When the meal is over, the belly is full and so is the heart. Food with amazing company is always more delicious. So, when you think of family meal time, think McDonald’s. Download the McDonald’s App to avail amazing deals and offers and enjoy these priceless and selfie-worthy moments with the fam jam at an outlet near you or order it in from the McDelivery app or McDelivery website.

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