Celebrating McDonald’s Drive-Thru: 120 seconds of service guaranteed!

When hunger strikes, the world seems topsy turvy. And to top it, if you are driving through stretches of roads and don’t have the time to wait too long at a restaurant, or are unsure of the next Dhaba that you pass, you know what saves the moment? McDonald’s Drive-Thru!

McDonald’s Drive-Thru is all about the convenience to pack your favorite McDonald’s burgers, fries, and more at a speed that brings a smile to your face and calm to your tummy. It is also a place where you can be comfortable to take a quick break to freshen up on your long drives. Not to forget, minimal contact, makes it a safe and quick takeaway experience.

We are celebrating Drive-Thru Day at McDonald’s for all the Drive-Thrus that pass on happiness and smiles when much needed. If you are at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru outlet, know that it is 120 seconds of service guaranteed, and you know what, if it’s not, we promise FREE Fries (Regular).

Here’s a little tidbit about the drive of convenience, speed and happiness. While internationally the first ever McDonald’s Drive-Thru opened in 1975 in Oklahoma City, USA, India saw its first McDonald’s Drive-Thru in 2001 in the area of Kalamboli in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. McDonald’s now has over 60 Drive-Thrus in South & West India.

McDonald’s Drive-Thrus have become the much-awaited pitstop on long drives with family and friends, road trips, and on days when making a rush to a meeting one has traveled far enough for. McDonald’s India is happy to offer the best of service within 120 seconds! Now that’s convenience guaranteed!

So, here’s a reminder: before you halt at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru, don’t forget to download the McDonald’s App to enjoy exciting offers on your order. Let your McDonald’s Drive-Thru pitstop be packed with happiness and smiles! Bon voyage…

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