What McDonald’s Food Safety Looks Like

To make your McDonald’s experience a happy one, there are many things that are put into place. Other than the flavorful items crafted on the McDonald’s India Menu, hygiene and food safety procedures play an important role. On Food Safety Day, we’d like you to know about all the hygiene and food safety procedures that are followed at every McDonald’s India restaurant.

McDonald’s food safety measures are included at every stage, right from sourcing quality ingredients, steps followed by every McDonald’s team member, during preparation of your favorite McDonald’s food item, and safe pick-up, delivery and dispatch.

Nothing gets missed when it comes to McDonald’s Food Safety that is a part of the McDonald’s Golden Guarantee promise:

  • Starting with Sourcing Quality Ingredients
    • Proper cleansing of supply trucks that carry the ingredients
    • Regularly sourcing fresh ingredients from our certified suppliers
    • Chicken undergoing a unique 64-test procedure
    • Sourcing lettuce from the special ecosystem set-up of lettuce farm
    • Using temperature-controlled trucks
  • During Preparation of Food
    • Practising ‘single-use-only’ policy in our kitchen 
    • Hygienically preparing fresh food with gloved hands
    • Paying extra attention to food hygiene including source tracking, kitchen sanitization, and regular food safety audits
    • Sanitizing all kitchen equipment every 4 hours
    • Carefully sealing food packets with the Golden Guarantee promise
  • Safety is Maintained At Every Stage by the Team
    • Sanitizing all tables, table trackers, chairs and food trays after every use
    • Sanitizing all trash cans after regular intervals
  • Safety while ordering, pick-up, dispatch & delivery
    • Sanitizing self-ordering kiosk after every use
    • Collecting the food orders at take-away counters in a contactless manner
    • Food packaging and handling done in a contactless manner
    • Ensuring zero contact food pick-up and delivery
    • Sanitizing of food packages before handling to delivery riders
    • Assuring contactless delivery at your doorstep

So, the next time you think of McDonald’s food safety, don’t forget the many steps we include to make your McDonald’s experience one to be cherished.

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