Many Actions, One Intention: Happy Environment Day, Everyday!

There is no second guessing the fact that there is only one earth that needs our attention, one that needs to be cared for. Each of the environmental hazards like different kinds of pollution, population explosion, improper waste disposal, deforestation, etc. have led to global warming and resulted in hazardous effects on the environment.

At McDonald’s India, along with catering to a happy you with wholesome and indulgent meals, we take every step towards a happy environment. It is at the core of all our initiatives. As McDonald’s – Westlife Development, we bring about small and big changes for a positive change in the environment.

On this World Environment Day, here’s letting you know about the many McDonald’s Environmental Initiatives that are adding to a Happy Environment Day.

Managing Carbon Footprint: We have introducedproducts like LED bulbs, economisers, evaporative coolers, solar panels, etc.  across restaurantsthat have helped in saving gas, diesel and electricity.

Conserving Water: Water is life, and we have ensured that the finite source of water is carefully used, minimising wastage.Introductions like Low Flow Aerators, RO Rejected Water Re-Use, High Water Recovery RO Systems have individually contributed to saving water.Our water conservation steps have also reached the farm lands as we encourage drip irrigation and continue to share important techniques, agricultural practices, weather related information, crop protection information and other water conservation techniques with our associated farmers.   

Keeping Waste Management in Check: McDonald’s – Westlife explores ways in which available resources can be reused to help manage waste better.McDonald’s environmentalinitiatives include reusing cooking oil for the production of 100% biodiesel program that has resulted in creating biodiesel and water from pollution due to waste cooking oil.

Using Plastic & Paper with Care: Another news to celebrate,single use customer facing plastic has been eliminated from our restaurants, in fact we have moved to user-friendly, reusable EZ Delivery bottles for McDonald’s chilled beverages. You’d be happy to know that the paper used at McDonald’s India is the one certified by the Forrest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Be it World Environment Day or just another day, at McDonald’s India, the thought of a sustainable environment is at the heart of everything we do.  

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