McSpicy Fried Chicken: It starts and ends at Spicy!

McDonald’s McSpicy Fried Chicken: How it starts

The want to have ‘something hot and spicy’ is where it all starts. Cravings for chicken, but not just any flavor; the crispy, fiery, juicy, spicy chicken at McDonald’s. One that does not carry any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Just natural herbs and spices that add to the flavorful, indulgent and satisfying meal! Like Rashmika Mandana, you’d believe it to be spicy at the beginning for sure. That’s what the first bite of McSpicy Fried Chicken does to you. It’s an mmm-moment that engulfs you through the spiciness, crunchiness and textures.

McDonald’s McSpicy Fried Chicken: How it continues

What can one expect when the marinade is made of one of the hottest chilies out there? Yes, we’re talking about Ghost Chilli Pepper (Bhut Jhalokia) that gives the McSpicy Fried Chicken its spiciness. The no-preservative marinade ensures that flavors ooze into every part of the chicken and are experienced from the get-go. Believe it: the spicy story only continues with every bite.

McDonald’s McSpicy Fried Chicken: How it ends:

Well, all good things come to an end, but there’s also room for more. This spicy chicken at McDonald’s doesn’t just start spicy but keeps going as spicy till the end. It is the spicy food lovers’ delight. The good part is that you can choose to have just one or order in for double sharers, trio sharers or the five-piece friendship sharers if you and those around you have a taste for the good things in life.  

McDonald’s McSpicy Fried Chicken is available at select stores in South India. The next time you are craving the spicy chicken at McDonald’s, head to the nearest McDonald’s restaurant or order on the McDelivery website or app to indulge in the spicy, no-preservative fried chicken. Enjoy a spicy start that continues till the end!

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