Happy International Burger Day! #MoreThanClassics

For a true-blue foodie, a day like this cannot simply pass without the attention it deserves. This means, wholesome, satisfying indulgence in one’s favorite McDonald’s burger. Set up your appetite for the celebratory meal with the burger of your choice from the McDonald’s India Menu with fresh ingredients, patty with no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, just delicate textures and enjoyable flavors in every bite. Add to it, the McDonald’s beverage of your choice and the staple McDonald’s fries that cannot be missed!

While the McDonald’s classics are your go-to favorites, you could indulge in the Chef’s Special Gourmet Burgers which are an ensemble of chosen flavors with locally sourced ingredients, freshly toasted whole wheat buns, and sauces that add the distinctness to each of the burgers.

If you prefer the cheese oozing McDonald’s burgers, choose the Triple Cheese American Burger or the Cheese Lava American Burger, available in veg and chicken. Spicy is your flavor of choice? McSpicy Premium Veg and Chicken Burger is a great way to celebrate International Burger Day. For a grand experience with Indian flavors, the Maharaja Mac is right here.

Make it a day worth sharing about with your friends and family, step into your nearest McDonald’s restaurant or order on the McDelivery website or app, and weave another memorable moment around your favorite McDonald’s burger on International Burger Day!

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