McDonald’s Chilled Beverages for the Summers

Sun’s out, temperatures soaring, and the thirst for something chilled is sharp. Staying hydrated is on top priority while everything else can wait. Are you feeling the heat already? Giving yourself ample reminders to stay hydrated? Find yourself looking at the beverage menu before anything else these days? Well, what can we say, blame it on the season!

You’ve got every reason to look at the bright and well, chilled side of the beverage menu at McDonald’s. The fresh, bright, chilled to perfection range of cold beverages make for the ideal summer drink. Quench your thirst, feel refreshed, refuel with your choice of McDonald’s Cold Coffee, a variety of Fruit Splash, Shake, Chillers, Smoothies, or the Chilled Chocolate indulgences like the McCafe Chocolate Frappe or the American Mud Pie, your taste buds and thirst will have a lot to thank you for. If you are placing a request online for the chilled drinks at McDonald’s, you’ll be delighted to find the EZ Reusable bottles they come in. They’re user-friendly and convenient!

For the Fresh & Fruity Refreshers

When you find yourself looking for something light, fruity and refreshing, look at the Fruit Splash Range. We’ve got flavors like Berry Lemonade Splash, the season’s delight Raw Mango Fruit Splash and the Chillers are a good option for a mood of this kind. Our McDonald’s Chillers include Lemon, Strawberry and Green Apple.

For the Smoothie & Shake Slurp

Summers may urge you to replace your solid meals with a chilled beverage. It’s the temperature that plays its trick. We’ve got a cool way out of this situation. McDonald’s Smoothies and Shakes that feel heavenly and wholesome. We’ve got Mango Smoothie, Mixed Berry Smoothie, Strawberry Shake, Chocolate Shake and the American Mud Pie to tease and satisfy!

For the No Season Without Coffee Fans

That’s what makes true coffee aficionados. Coffee in all seasons, and we know you need no reason. McDonald’s Cold Coffee Range that includes Iced Coffee, McCafé Mocha Frappe and McCafé Iced Americano. Go ahead, take that chill coffee break with McDonald’s.

For the All-Season Oreo & Chocolate Lovers

A little Oreo here, a little there is what you are looking out for in everything? Don’t you worry, the McCafé Chocolate Frappe is surely for you.

While it is the season to stay hydrated and reach out to the chill beverages, make sure you’re not letting go on the yummilicious McDonald’s Meal. A quick bite with the refreshing beverages can give you the right kind of summer boost. Visit the nearest McDonald’s restaurant or order in on the McDelivery website or app for the chilled McDonald’s beverage of your choice and slurp away the summer heat!

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