EatQual ensures inclusiveness OR EatQual shares the joy of relishing a McDonald’s burger with everyone

McDonald’s is a happy place for so many of you. The stories you share about the different moments spent having your favorite McDonald’s meal is what encourages us to keep going and help create more such worthwhile moments. We think the act of eating and relishing a McDonald’s burger is for everyone.

According to India’s most recent Census report, more than 21 million people across the country have a disability. Approximately 28% have disabilities related to movement. It was these numbers that got us thinking and later working towards an easy packaging for those with upper limb mobility issues. A packaging that helps them enjoy a burger with the same enthusiasm or more. We got started with an idea in December 2020, with a foundation that works towards their betterment.

A packaging that was created to help consumers comfortably eat using one hand which otherwise was difficult. After multiple rounds of iterations, we were proud of the final EatQual packaging. This innovative packaging makes sure every bite of the McDonald’s burger is relished to the very end, with convenience.

It’s lovely to know how each one has their own special McDonald’s moment or story to share. Life can be not so easy for those with upper limb disability, and we wanted to ensure that the act of enjoying one’s favorite McDonald’s burger is both easy, enjoyable and makes for a fond story to tell.

A warm hug, loving chitter-chatter, one’s favorite McDonald’s burger, and you are set to create happy moments. We’re always wishing for more of those for everyone! Our EatQual packaging is available at all restaurants in South and West India.

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