Three Cheers to Vicky Patil (Restaurant General Manager, Mumbai-Thane, Unique store) for winning The Global Ray Kroc Awards 2022

Named in the honour of the McDonald’s Corporation founder Ray Kroc, the prestigious Ray Kroc Awards are given to recognise and reward the critical role that restaurant managers play in delivering outstanding customer experience. 390 managers from across 60 markets are being recognized and celebrated for their contribution to the McDonald’s system. The prize is a cash award and a trip to Orlando, USA, to experience part of the McDonald’s Worldwide Convention and to receive their trophy from McDonald’s senior leaders.

Vicky Patil is one of the top 1% of managers to receive this prestigious award. Vicky is a rising star of the company who consistently exceeds expectations  that meet the McDonald’s uncompromising standards of quality and service. Over the years, he has supervised and built the teams ensuring that the right people were hired and trained. His leadership, and perseverance has garnered him recognition over the past few years.

He has worked closely with the different members of the team to bring out the best in them, which has resulted in top-notch service for our customers. Vicky has successfully managed The Thane Unique Store since the beginning.

A people’s manager, Vicky’s commitment to strengthen and grow the McDonald’s business and his genuine care for customers’ needs has been exemplary to say the least. His enthusiasm and positive attitude make him a real differentiator in the McDonald’s system. Thank you for your outstanding contribution, Vicky. You’re a real star!

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